How to beat blazing angels

how to beat blazing angels

Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII – Walkthrough

Wii Blazing Angels Complete Walkthrough - YouTube. Everything you ever needed or wanted to know about Wii Blazing Angels; every mission, every mini game, everything explained in great detail. Wii. The closest balloon will be to your left high in the sky. Shoot it down then go for the one near it close to the ground, then the one above the river, then the one to its left (above the hill).

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. This is a guide to give you your Ace Score targets for the 18 campaign missions in Blazing Angels 2.

This does not go over unlocked planes and weapons, but missions that include secondary goals will be how to beat blazing angels. When you get Ace scores, things unlock, so I'm not worried about going over them in detail here. General Tips: To qualify for an Ace rating, you need anegls earn a minimum amount of how to beat blazing angels for that mision.

Simple as that. I have found it more to my benefit to take extra time and blow everything apart rather than try and complete it under time. I've came in 30 mins on a 15 min. You get a point bonus for completing amission under the time limit.

Hit every stunt marker you can, as fast as you can. Stunt Markers are identified by white dots on the minimap and tactical map. Stunt markers picked how to beat blazing angels close to each other will award "Stunt Streaks" that will also give you bonus points, just like "Kill streaks". A note about replaying missions. You can't replay a mission to stockpile Prestige points, but if you beat your previous high-point total for that run, you will be allowed to keep the difference.

Structure hpw Engine Armor, Armor Plating, Aluminum Parts points combined to get all three of these at once, but jow really should wait until you can. Aluminum Parts will offset the penalties of both Armor boosts, but you need both armor for it to work. Team - Mission Report Training When this unlocks after mission 4 or 5 make this your how to beat blazing angels purchase.

I can't stress it enough. For me it was unlocked after mission 5, but all five of those angelss were Aced, so keep that in mind. You start with 14 stunt markers on the map, but after you pick up 10 the map reloads and changes.

There will then be 6 more available, but you will lose any markers you didn't pick up in the first iteration of the map. Best strategy for this, scout the markers and get yourself familiar with them. Find three or four angdls you know you can pick up in quick sucession, and wait until you have nine to grab them.

There's about a 30 second delay between map changes, so you have time to get a couple extra ones. Also, some markers on this map airshow are worth more than others. The stunt markers in the highest blimp frame, between the factory smokestacks, and under the bridge are worth double value. They know how to hit the bad guys, they t you points when they do so, and they shave alot of time off the clock in the process.

You have to unload a passenger on it, the hard way. Follow your lead until you get close to the bridge with the Marker under it. Break off, pick up the marker, and circle back for the train. Approach from the back, keep it slow and steady, and it will take about 5 - 10 seconds for your passanger to jump aboard. In this mission you pick up how to beat blazing angels secondary objective, an Ace pilot and his two buddies.

If he draws a long, solid bead anhels you, your armor will go away. He's not hard to chase down however. YOu get a total of pts for killing this encounter, and they are easily identified by bear target names "Ace" and "Ace Wingman". This is a timed mission, so it will not allow you to run over time.

If you're coming in overthat's why. Lucky you! First off, your plane has no forward-facing machine guns. YOur primary attack will be with the bombs, which are dropped by your secondary fire 1945 what happened in that year. You will know this when a secondary, red target ring lights up on your bomb ring.

Start your bomb runs at high altitude until you get the hang of making the drops when you want to. The bombs have a pretty good splash radius, which can be upgraded, so don't worry too much if you're having problems keeping the targets between the crosshairs. You will see at the anels orange target dots scattered all over the map.

They're not easy to see, but the best way to locate them is to remember that each one how to calculate seasonal indices in very close proximity to a searchlight.

Target Tip: If it floats, it's worth points. Sink it, even if it dosen't have a target marker! Your primary targets are a pair of cruisers. Until you sink both, nothing will shoot at you unless you get caught in a searchlight.

An overtime strategy for this map is to simply take your time and blow up everything. You'll get your 4K, but this way you really need to be methodical. Kill it all, get all the stunt markers.

If you want to take it fast, immediately turn to the cruisers. Their angeld are also destructable, so try to get multiple boats in one pass. Fly flat-out to the new primary targets after you sink the first two and start puting them on the bottom.

Get the extra ones parked in the docks when you can. Drop two bombs per boat in case one isn't enough to do the job. Drop all four on the how to beat blazing angels. DOn't forget about your secondary objectives, the munition warehouses! They're close to the action when you're attacking the fleet, so keep them handy as a reload point. Be aware that you have to destroy how to beat blazing angels entire warehouse complex, not just the two munition buildings.

I think it's 5 targets altogether, but they're grouped tightly. A word about the last leg of the mission. Trying to shoot down three aircraft with a tailgun is definately a learned trick. Set your wingmen to kill, let them do some of the work for you. To take one down, your best bet is to fly straight and level. WHen the bullets start hitting you, go to target-cam view and attack with the primary attack trigger. You'll have a large bracket to keep the enemy target in.

Up is down, left is right, and the back is asswards. On the return leg after knocking down all three fighters, look at your point total. You will only get a 60 point bonus for landing on the carrier, so hit a Stunt Marker or two on the way back angdls you're short. If you're racing the how to install rocker arms on a chevy 350, remember you'll need to finish with to have enough after the on-time bonus.

There's plenty of ammo on the wing, so use your rockets with abandon! Bomber formations are the fattest target sets, strafe them into oblivion. Picking up the upgrade "Stall Strips" lowers your minimum speed, and makes bomber killing abit easier.

After your killing spree is over, you have to kill parachutes. It's not even fair, but this is your first chance for the XBox achievement "Great Streak", which is a 12 kill run. Mission 5: Rendevous Ace Score: ? My Score: Overtime Ok, remember that mission I said took me agnels mins on a 15 min. This was it. When you start the run, you will find yourself flying over a river. Dive low, because your first four stunt markers will be under bridges.

Fly fast, and you can combo bonus the last three. After the fourth one, break left, get some distance, and you should be able to get the next two as a combo run as well.

Do this right, and you can start the mission with between - pts already in your back pocket. You'll be flying a german plane over unfriendly skies. As blazinng as bdat don't get noticed, nobody will shoot you for a while.

If you look at your maps, you will see circles on them. Those are spotter ranges. Commit no hostile acts while under the eye and you'll be ok.

Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII

Prioritise the bombers (red bar) and slow down as you take out two large waves attacking the ships. Try and take out a few Zeroes (fighters) in between the bomber groups. When all the bombers are. 22 rows · Mar 20,  · Completing the campaign missions with certain rankings unlocks new 57%(11). Mission 1: Old Secrets Ace Score: My Score: (overtime) My Score: (under time) / This mission is tricky to get Ace on. You start with 14 stunt markers on the map, but after you pick up 10 the map reloads and changes.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Before you start: A. Characters B. Planes Types, Statistics 2. Protect the nd Division II. Protect the th Division III. Legal Stuff 5.

Joe Castle-Your first squadmate that you meet during your training day. He's an extremely skilled mechanic who can repair his plane, as well as yours, in mid-flight.

They will be in various combos so be prepared. If you mess up, you have to wait for the Wrench icon to refill. Frank-Frank is the last guy you meet in your squadron but his ability will more than likely be the one that you'll use the most. His ability is being a "Hunter", once his ability is accessed, he will hunt down the enemy that is currently your highlighted target.

He will also go for anyone in the target's formation. He usually says when he's finished by saying something along the lines of "Target eliminated, returning to formation. When you think you're going fast enough push up on the Control Stick. If you hit your target, the reticule will flash red every time you score a hit. The closest balloon will be to your left high in the sky. Shoot it down then go for the one near it close to the ground, then the one above the river, then the one to its left above the hill , then the last one.

After you shoot down the last one of that group, Joe will set up some more to the bottom-right field below you. After that, he'll set up another group to your far left almost behind you. Do the same as you did on the last group. Your bombs will "recharge" over time, giving you an infinite amount so don't worry about missing. Just do this 3 times to complete the exercise, although, try to get faster each time because you'll eventually need to know how to bomb multiple targets in quick succession.

After the scout has been eliminated a British officer will notice someone being chased by 3 German aircraft. This happens to be Joe's brother-in-law, Tom. The first will be coming from the right of the bridge if you're facing the same direction as the main British force. After that, you're going to have to bomb the bridge that the British troops crossed to prevent German Infantry from following, 4 bombs should suffice.

If not, just keep pounding the bridge with your bombs. The 2nd wave of bombers will appear to the 1st wave's right when you are behind the 1st wave. This wave consists of an un-organized formation of 7 bombers. The 3rd wave will appear in the same place as the 2nd wave. Repeat the take down process. After the 3rd wave is eliminated you can nab yourself a few extra kills from the generic enemies before the warships show up.

They may take a few bombs to finally sink them but if you get two direct hits they should go down. Once it finally begins sinking the mission will be complete.

London, Note: Before starting this Part A: Parliament Protection mission I suggest doing the Arcade Mode with the Spitfire V When the mission starts just follow the British formation don't speed up or slow down, just keep the starting pace. Tell you squadron to attack at will. The 2nd wave will appear in the same spot as the 1st. Repeat said tactic for the 3rd wave, this one made up of 10 bombers. After you destroy the final wave of Germans attacking the Parliament building, take down a few generic enemies until the German forces going for the Tower of London appear.

After you deal with Joe's pursuers, they'll begin targeting Tom. Help him out as well. The squadron chasing Tom has 8 Messershcmidt's in it. There are 8 Jerry's in this squadron. Finish them off! Face the one highlighted by the tracking marker.

When you get in range to take the photo a black bar with a slider will appear in the top-middle portion of the screen, along with a square consisting only of visible corners. The corner pieces should turn green fairly quickly just by lining up a shot with your target. As you get in range, the slider will begin moving to the right.

When the red triangle moves between the lines on the bar, the whole bar will turn green. Take 3 pictures to finish the practice exercise. This is because the sand storm may interfere with your coordination during flight. You should eventually find the main land. When the two bars appear on the left take note of when the bottom bar is completely green.

The bottom bar indicates that you're going in the right direction, the top bar indicates how far you are from the base. Start by getting the bottom bar filled with green. After you photograph the 2nd base the sand storm will cease but you'll start being hounded by enemy fighters. After you take the 3rd bases picture, your aircraft carrier will show up on the radar so go land on it.

Just in case you don't know how to open your landing gear, press 2. Tell your squadron to attack at will while you deal with the main threats. Your secondary weapon in this mission are rockets. There will be 2 waves of Stukas' but the 2nd wave will have some semi-heavy armor so you might get chewed up by their rear gunners. Part D: Help the Ground Troops escape the Trap As soon as the ground targets from the last objective are defeated you'll get a little bit of time to knock out some non-essential enemies while the next objective is coming up.

When you eliminate the two groups of tanks the mission will be completed. It's not a hard mission but it IS fun as hell! When you take off there are only 13 enemies to take down so it shouldn't be too hard. When you destroy them you may get a tingly feeling inside thinking that you're changing history I know it's stupid but I got that feeling.

If you can do that then you'll have plenty of time to spare but I just thought I'd inform you of your time limit. I don't know how many Zero's there are but there is plenty of fun to be had in this part of the mission. It shouldn't be hard to finish them off quickly but notice that shortly after the 1st formation spawns the 2nd one will spawn, like, a couple seconds later.

Although, it still shouldn't raise any real concerns about their numbers since their armor is so weak. Once you finish these enemies off the level is over. This mission is pretty straightforward in both of its objectives. Part B: Destroy the Japanese warships before their reinforcements arrive When you successfully navigate through the small islands to cath the Japs off guard, you will have a time limit of 5 minutes before the reinforcements arrive.

This is why I mentioned during the training mission that you're going to need to know how to bomb in quick succession. This mission shouldn't take too long if you've already gotten used to the timing required for bombing. Once all the warships are heading for the bottom, the mission will be over. This wave consists of of roughly 10 wings. During this part utilize your wingmen's specialyabilities to their fullest. If you can take two down per 10 seconds you'll finish in time.

When the skies are clear the mission will be over. The 2nd is that you can't use the Spitfire V for this mission. When you get to the next part of the mission you can breathe easily because you only have to watch out for yourself. Part B: Attack the carriers' decks to prevent fighters from taking off Just as objective title says, bomb the carriers so no additional Japanese air support can be launched. Part C: Destroy the Japanese Fleet Now that the carriers fighter payload can't takeoff this part will be easy.

Since your plane holds 6 bombs, you should be able to knock out 3 ships per pass. Holding Guadalcanal- Part A: Don't let enemy troops reach the airfield As soon as you're airborne go to your left where the orange enemies are because they'll soon turn into objective enemies. The next group will be coming from right of the previous one if you're facing the island , so you should be able to get most of them in one pass, if not all.

It's not too hard, you just need to get used to how the plane handles while in that condition.

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