How to break a chain link

how to break a chain link

How To Cut Roller Chain

Feb 15,  · HOW TO BREAK A CHAINLINK FENCE & GATE EFFICITENTLY IN RUSTPlease like, comment and subscribe, it really helps!If you want me to test something, leave a comme. Turn the handle clockwise to push pin and break the rivet of the chain. The end result of this should look something like the photo below. As you can see, the roller chain rivet has been broken. Some people choose to stop at this step and attempt to push the single pin out.

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Roller Chain. If you are looking for a chain breaker checkout our Roller Chain Breaker section or contact our customer support team.

Safety Notes: 1. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses as well as safety gloves before starting. Make sure that there is no tension on the roller chain, this may require a how to break a chain link chain puller. Make sure all equipment that chain is how to break a chain link is shut off. Note: It is imperative to make sure that the tip of the roller chain breaker and pin of the roller chain is aligned exactly. If not, you may break the chain breaker tip or ljnk unable to break the roller chain.

Cutting Roller Chain Step 2 Turn the handle clockwise to push pin and break the rivet of the chain. The end result of this should look something like the photo below. As you can see, the roller chaih rivet has been broken. Liink people choose to stop at this step and attempt to push the single pin out. While this may work in some instances not only is it not recommended, but it can also be very difficult to do. Cutting Roller Chain Step 3 Next, you basically repeat step one and two on the other pin.

After this step your chain should look something like the photo below. Both rivets on that chain side are now broken and you are ready to remove the pin link. If you are needing additional information or needing a quote for a roller chain tool or accessory please contact what is a kobo vox customer service department and we will be happy to assist you.

We also have a in house fully equipped fast reaction machine shop! Disclaimer: USA Roller Chain and Sprockets is not held accountable for any injuries and or cost associated to injuries and or equipment failure caused by improper use of roller chain or roller chain tools what so ever.

We have published this page for informational purposes and to help people in the process of breaking a roller chain.

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Step 1. Locate the section of the chain that you want to separate. Locate the rivets on the chain that you want to remove. Grind the heads off of the rivets using the rotary tool with the grinding disc. Aug 25,  · Learn how to remove a SRAM 9-Speed Powerlink with no tools in seconds. Close up video with Chris at that shows you exactly how to easily and eff. The way to stop germs from spreading is by interrupting this chain at any link. Break the chain by cleaning your hands frequently, staying up to date on your vaccines (including the flu shot), covering coughs and sneezes and staying home when sick, following the rules for standard and contact isolation, using personal protective equipment the.

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Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Method 1 of Make sure the chain is taut. Then, shift it to the smallest cogs to make the chain wrap around the derailleur pulleys and make it as taut as possible. Locate the special connecting rivet and avoid breaking the chain there.

When preparing to break the chain with a chain tool, make sure you break a rivet that is several rivets away from any connecting rivets in the chain. Place the chain tool on the rivet where you plan to break the chain. Line the driving pin of the chain tool up with the rivet in a straight line and make sure the two are in contact.

Force the rivet out to break the chain. Before completely removing the rivet, withdraw the pin and break the chain with your thumbs, leaving the rivet slightly protruding from the rear plate.

Method 2 of To avoid having any slack in the chain, shift it to the largest front and rear sprockets, and then shift it to the smallest cogs so that it wraps around the derailleur pulleys.

This will make the chain as taut as possible. Locate the master link on the chain. On a linked chain, the master link will have a pair of unique side plates that may be a different color than the other links. Use the pliers to disengage the master link. Position the pliers over the master link such that one head is placed on the outward side of the master link pin and will be squeezed in the direction of the arrow on the side plate. The other head should be placed on the outward side of the opposite pin.

Then, squeeze the pliers to push the pins together and press both side plates inward until the link is broken. If you have special pliers designed specifically for use on master links, they will automatically press the side plates inward for you.

Method 3 of Adjust the cutters to match the strength of the chain. Most bolt cutters come with an adjustment bolt that allows you to adjust the tension on the blades. For small chains like bike chains, you most likely will not need to adjust your bolt cutters; the weakest setting will probably suffice.

Mark where you want to make the break on the chain. To ensure you make a clean cut in the right location, use a marking line or even a small dot to to mark where you want the cut to be made. Use a marker, paint, or sharp blade to make the mark. You should also clamp the chain before cutting it, if possible, to make the chain easier to break. However, this is not strictly necessary for breaking a chain with bolt cutters.

Open the blades and position the cutters over the mark. Pull the handles of the bolt cutters apart to open the blades, making sure to open them as far apart as possible before proceeding. Then, move the cutter head so that the marked part of the chain is situated between the blades.

Close the blades and apply force. Move the handles back towards one another to close the blades over the chain, going slowly at first. Once the blades have made physical contact with the chain, continue closing the blades and apply force until the chain has been broken. If your grip is too loose, the blades may slip away from the material and cause harm to you or others around you.

Some chains may require you to break off from your initial cut, reposition the blades over the cut, and apply force a second time before they finally break.

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