How to check credit on 3 mobile ireland

how to check credit on 3 mobile ireland

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Make it count with Ireland’s best mobile data network. Set up your phone. Everything you need to get started with Three. Explore. How to top up. Add credit and check your balance on prepay. Explore. Know your bill. Get your bill breakdown for paper and electronic versions. Explore. My3 App. Pay your bill, top up, check allowances and get. Aug 10,  · Why do you need a text code to check the credit. You have , my3, and This is exactly the point i an making on my last post which I started about 3, slag them off for no reason. I personally dont care I just dont understand. You have three ways to check credit but they are muppets for not having a short text way also?

Your Credit Rating. Your Credit Rating 1. What affects my getting a loan? Most lenders look for information about your income, employment, irelanr costs chck existing loan repayments to help them decide whether you can afford to repay how to change eating habits for life loan.

Most lenders also want to look at your credit rating. It can be a good indication of how likely you are to pay back the money. You are likely to have a positive credit rating if you have a good history of repayment on previous loans. Your credit rating may be poor if you missed repayments on a regular basis or failed to pay off a loan in the past.

It is also possible that ICB does not t any credit records in relation to you. This occurs if you have no active loans within the past five years or your data has not been registered with ICB by the relevant member.

How do lenders know about my previous loans? ICB holds information about borrowers and their loans for 5 years after the loan is closed. Your credit report includes:. You may complete an application online here » or. You may download and print the application form here » or. You may contact » ICB by phone 01 and request a copy be posted to you. You might make a mistake in completing your direct debit form and miss a loan repayment on the due date; or.

Your lender might have agreed to let you postpone payments for a period but forgot to change the report it sends to ICB. Faster processing of your application: It is quicker for a lender to process a number than a credit report. Fairer decision-making: A Credit Score is an irelamd indicator of risk which does not take into consideration factors such as gender, race, religion or nationality; all loan applications are treated objectively and consistently.

More consistent decision-making: Since a How to check credit on 3 mobile ireland Score consistently takes into account both positive and negative information present in the Credit How to check credit on 3 mobile ireland it has the advantage over a manual decision-making environment where it is possible that some negative information may exercise what does dalai lama mean in english disproportionate effect upon the outcome.

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With All You Can Eat Data, 5G in every county and now officially Ireland's fastest mobile network, verified by Ookla, stay connected with Three. Visit Registering your My3 account. You can check your balance by clicking Check account balance underneath Account balance on the My3 homepage. Checking your balance will let you know how much credit you have in your account. To check if your mobile is compatible for 3g or not, text ‘MOBILE’ to (Free). How can I check my balance usage history? You can check your balance usage history via Online My3 App.

The quickest and easiest way to top up is through the My Vodafone app. Here you can top up, check balance and much more while on the go. You can do a quick top up by speaking to one of our agents on option 2.

While on the call, you can also opt to save your card details so that you can top up by text. Once this is done, simply text 'TOPUP' followed by the top up amount and last 4 digits of your registered payment card to You can buy a top up voucher at any one of over 7, retailers nationwide as well as in any Vodafone Store. Simply log on to My Vodafone online or on our app , and you can check your credit balance on the go! This doesn't mean your top up has not been successful. Please check again later.

If you are having issues with your top up voucher, ensure you have entered the 13 digit number correctly. If you are still having issues then you should request a new code from a retail store or customer care agent. If you are still having issues, please connect with our live chat team by clicking the Chat button on this screen.

When you top up, you can make calls for 6 months and receive calls for 8 months. After 8 months your call credit will expire. If you have not topped up in a number of months, your account may have been marked as inactive. If so, the below information will tell you what to do. If you still need help, please connect with our customer care team by clicking the Chat button on this screen, or contact us on With Vodafone Top Me Up, there's always someone who'll give you credit.

All you need are family or friends on a Vodafone bill pay price plan. They can top you up online or by text at any time. It's quick, it's easy and it's free. Terms and conditions apply. So when you get that punctured tyre or absolutely have to respond to that special someone View terms and conditions for IOU Credit. It depends. If you have a Pay as you go data add on, or you've opted in to one of our top up offers, then any data you use will be deducted from this allowance. Check out our pay as you go top up offers and add ons.

View pay as you go out of offer charges. The best way to check your price plan, and to find out how much you're being charged, is to register your account on My Vodafone. My Vodafone allows you view your pay as you go call charges and to check or change your price plan. Alternatively, you can find out more about Pay as you go price plans in the sales brochure pages of our site.

With the Vodafone Pay as you go international top up offer you can call any of the following countries:. Auto top up works by taking the chosen amount of credit from the debit or credit card you set up, on your chosen day to top up your pay as you go account. This then activates your top up offer if you top up by the correct amount i.

The easiest way to set up auto top up is on the My Vodafone app. Simply click the auto top up icon in the 'Essentials section of the home screen.

From here, you will be asked to confirm the details of the top up. In order to set up auto top up online, you must first be registered to My Vodafone. To avoid starting auto top up during your current top up offer you can log in to My Vodafone where it will tell you how many days until your current offer is due to reset. It is best to align the start date with when your offer is due to reset.

If you need more credit you can still top up as usual. Please note this will not delay your next auto top up date. If you top up by your plan amount this will reactivate your top up offer so it is recommended that if you need more credit you should top up by less than your plan amount in one go e.

Yes you can set up other numbers as well as your own. Log into My Vodafone on the Vodafone. If you are using the My Vodafone app, in the Essentials section select, set an automatic top up, under my number select edit and input the name and number of the number you wish to add.

This must be a Vodafone prepay number. Once you submit the new number will be displayed and you can set an auto top up for that number. Loading content As this is your first time to log in since our system update, please set a new password. We have updated our Privacy Policy. Please check the changes here. Account and top up FAQs. General top up and account FAQs.

How do I top up? My Vodafone app The quickest and easiest way to top up is through the My Vodafone app. Free call or text You can do a quick top up by speaking to one of our agents on option 2.

Want to top up a friend or family member? You can do this on the Vodafone website. Simply click here to top up using a debit or credit card. How do I see how much credit I have left? My Vodafone Simply log on to My Vodafone online or on our app , and you can check your credit balance on the go! I'm having issues topping up. With system improvements over the coming months, this message will become instantaneous.

Issues with top up voucher If you are having issues with your top up voucher, ensure you have entered the 13 digit number correctly. How long is top up credit valid? Once you top up, all previous credit even expired credit becomes valid. I tried to log in to My Vodafone but my account is marked inactive - why? Can I get my friend to top me up? I'm on pay as you go - how do I get credit sent to me?

To get credit from a family member or friend, on a Vodafone bill pay price plan, all you have to do is text their number to The person you're asking will receive a text from you, that reads 'Please Top Me Up'.

They can then top you up by texting your number, followed by a space and the amount they want to top you up with, to They will need to send their reply text within 24 hours of receiving your request. They will receive a three-digit PIN code from To confirm the top up, they text this PIN code back to The credit is automatically added to your mobile and you will both receive a text confirming this. All texts involved in Vodafone Top Me Up are free.

How can I get IOU credit? Never get stuck without credit. How do I get it? How much does it cost to use data on my phone? Find out more about data usage. How much are call charges with Pay as you go price plans? What countries can I call with my international top up offer? The IOU Buddy service has now been discontinued. How do I let Vodafone know about a bereavement? We're very sorry for your loss. Please let us help you through this difficult time.

You will find some helpful information on our dedicated bereavement page. Auto top up FAQs. What is auto top up?

Auto top up is a service that automatically tops up your account on the same day each month. How does auto top up work? How to set up auto top up? Online on Vodafone.

Click 'Top up' Select 'Top up' and offers If you don't have a payment card saved, click 'Manage your cards' first to add a card Next choose 'Saved numbers and scheduled top ups' Click 'Set up a payment schedule for this number' From here you can select how much to top up the number by, add your credit or debit card, the frequency of the top up and the start date of the top up.

What amount, start date and frequency should I choose? What if need more credit?

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