How to choose a toilet

how to choose a toilet

Toilet Buying Guide

Aug 12,  · Tips for Choosing a Toilet. Buy a toilet that flushes well and fits your bathroom, budget and backside. How to choose a toilet — The Basics. Tip 1: Compare flush ratings online. Tip 2: Check for rebates on high-efficiency models. Tip 3: Get a pressure-assist toilet if a clean bowl using less. Apr 16,  · Measure from the wall behind the toilet to the center of one of the closet bolts (which hold the toilet down). If the toilet has four closet bolts, measure to the center of one of the rear ones. Then measure from the center of the mounting holes to the back of the new toilet you're considering. Compare these two measurements.

How to Choose a Toilet. Choosing a Toilet. Choosing a new toilet for the bathroom can be an overwhelming experience. When selecting a new toilet for your bathroom, consider your desires, budget, and lifestyle. There is a constant stream of new innovations that make toilets work harder, last longer and stay cleaner than ever before.

Self-cleaning toiletsfor example, allow you to save time, and cuts out the need to do one of the most how to choose a toilet chores in the house! It is an ultra-smooth glaze with antimicrobial properties which is applied on top of the conventional glaze and fired into all glazed surfaces of the toilet. It gives the toilet a super smooth, mirror-like finish - which stays cleaner because the soil has a harder time clinging to it.

Not only is water conservation important to the environment, but it can also help save you money on your water tlilet each month. Standard toilets now flush at a rate of 1. Due to advances in hydraulic designs, these 1. Flushing performance on our HETs tlilet just as good as on our 1. View All High-Efficiency Toilets. They are the ultimate in chooose toilets. Dual-Flush Toilets bring the best of both worlds, with an option for either a full or partial flush. Not only will you save money, without sacrificing on performance, but you may even get paid to do it!

There are several different configurations of toilets to suit different needs. Selecting the right configuration will ensure that the toilet has the right look and design for your bathroom. One-piece toilets are actually six to ten individual pieces sculpted into a single seamless unit with both a tank and bowl already attached. The result is a sleek, hand-crafted toilet with no crevices between the tank and bowl to collect dirt and odors.

View All One-Piece Toilets. Two-piece toilets have a separate tank and what did the miners eat in the gold rush which are bolted together upon installation. The raised area ensures that offending materials can be cleaned off t will not accumulate and cause odors between the bowl and tank.

View All Two-Piece Toilets. Round-front toilets feature a bowl with a more compact design, perfect for fitting in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.

View All Round Front Toilets. Elongated toilets have a bowl how to choose a toilet extends out further with extra room in the front for added comfort. Compact elongated toilets are available with an elongated shape that fits into the same space as a what is the fee for i 130 front toilet.

View All Elongated Toilets. Toilets come in various sizes, so make sure to check the width, depth, and height of your available space. Most toilets bolt to the floor inches from the wall not counting the baseboard. View All inch Rough-in Toilets. The traditional toilet bowl rim choosd is about inches from the floor. Many people find a taller toilet bowl is more comfortable. View All Right Height Toilets.

American Standard offers a variety of flushing systems, in a range of pricing and functionality. VorMax Flush Technology is proven to clean two times better than conventional toilets. View All VorMax Toilets. View All Champion Toilets. What's more, its easy-to-clean design makes it ideal for medium to high use bathrooms. A variant of this system is the LXP Flushing System, which has an industry standard 2" diameter siphonic trapway with a larger flush valve 3" diameterwhich also offers higher performance with fewer clogs.

View All Cadet Toilets. Consider the design style of your bathroom when selecting a toilet. If you how to choose a toilet a more traditional, transitional, or modern flair, there are toilet options for every look. Traditional bathrooms typically feature two-piece toilets with classic tooilet, for a timeless look. View Traditional Bathroom Collections.

Transitional and contemporary bathrooms typically feature how to choose a toilet more cholse design. View Transitional Bathroom Collections. Modern bathrooms may call for a sleek one-piece or two-piece toilet with clean lines and geometric flair. View Modern Bathroom Collections. The bathroom gets a lot of use each day — when selecting a new toilet, you how to store fresh cut pumpkin to make sure that it performs to the highest standards.

Choosing a toilet with great flushing performance can help eliminate clogs as well as dirt in the bowl. Toilet performance is graded with a MaP scorewhich represents the number of grams of waste that are eliminated from the bowl in a single flush. A toilet with a score of 1,g — g is considered to have Great Flushing Performance and will remove up to 35 oz. American Standard how to choose a toilet are fully tested to ensure superior quality and lasting performance.

This includes actually flush testing each bowl at the plant before it is put into choosw box. Each component must comply with American Standard's industry-leading product durability standards.

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Consider Water-Saving Toilets

Mar 16,  · A pressure-assisted toilet is an especially good choice for large families, but it does have a noisier flush. Before buying, be sure that your home . You can also measure from the rear wall to help determine the best toilet bowl shape for your space, since the dimensions of a toilet bowl will differ based on their shape. Consider an elongated vs round toilet: Elongated toilet bowls measure up to inches from the wall behind the toilet to the front of the bowl. Elongated bowls provide greater comfort while seated. Feb 18,  · THE PERFECT FIT. There are thousands of toilets on the market, but a rough-in distance, which measures the distance from the finished wall to the center of the sewer drain for the toilet, will narrow the field. The standard rough-in is 12 inches, and the widest selection of toilets is available in this size. If a bathroom remodel makes use of an existing rough-in that is another size, 10 or 14 .

By Larry Bilotti. They have a tank and a bowl and a flush valve that—when pressed—lifts a flapper that fills the bowl with water and siphons the contents down the drain. Other than clogs, cracks, mishaps, and loose fittings, they perform their job without notice.

End of story! The average seat height of the standard commode is roughly 15 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. Comfort height, sometimes referred to as ADA Compliant Height, toilets have become increasingly popular in the last several years, in part because the higher seat makes them easier for the elderly to use. They measure between 17 and 19 inches from the floor, a distance more comparable to standard chair height.

While seat height is clearly a personal decision, notes Wade, having a comfort height toilet in the bathroom may be a selling point for a future buyer. Toilet bowls come in essentially two shapes, round or elongated. Round bowls are usually less expensive and take up less space, measuring roughly two inches less than their elongated counterparts.

An elongated bowl provides more support and comfort, and as this is becoming the shape of choice, it will be easier to find a replacement seat should you need one.

Even if you choose the best toilet on the market, its performance will be compromised if it is not properly installed. The design uses a metal bracket mounted on the underside of the tank to secure the three anchoring bolts snugly to the bowl. By eliminating the holes typically found in the bottom of the tank for this purpose, the new Delta toilet reduces potential leak points—and the cracks often caused by overtightening.

The toilet comes boxed with everything needed for installation—from tank, bowl, and seat, to mounting hardware, tools, and wax ring—making it a smart homeowner replacement buy. Disclosure: BobVila. You agree that BobVila. All rights reserved. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement, home remodeling, home repair, and DIY. More From Bob Vila. How To: Drain a Toilet. The 10 Best Plants for Your Bathroom. Newsletter signup: You agree that BobVila.

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