How to cook a steamship round of beef

how to cook a steamship round of beef

Steamship Round of Beef The Easy Way Recipe

How to Cook a Steamship Round of Beef | LEAFtv. Place the meat, fat side up, on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Do not add water or liquid and do not cover the roast. Covering the roast would result in more steaming than roasting in the oven so we cook a beef roast uncovered.

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I made this roast and it is fantastic and easy. A must do again and again. Going to make this one tomorrow, my sister use to do something like this but I have never tried it. You have my 5, thanks for the great post. Take Note We will not respond to member emails. Use the Help Forum for that. Advertising on Group Recipes is sold by SheKnows. You can contact the sales team for more info.

Join Login. Search Inspiration No idea what to search for? Start browsing till you find something. Caption optional Upload Photo or cancel. Takes a bit of time, but so worth it! Save Feel free to use any of the below tags. Click one to add it. Email to Send. Add items to your shopping list 1 sirloin roast or bottom round roast 3 pounds or larger garlic cloves fresh ground black pepper go view your shopping list. Ingredients 1 sirloin roast or bottom round roast 3 pounds or larger shopping how to get fast cash in runescape garlic cloves shopping list fresh ground black pepper shopping list.

How to make it Preheat oven to degrees. Cut slits in roast and insert garlic cloves 4 to 5 cloves per a three pound roast. Season roast with ground black pepper. Place roast in shallow roasting pan and roast for 5 minutes pre pound. Turn oven on and roast as desired: degrees for 30 minutes for rare. Add a Link? This must be the same as what my aunt brings to big parties of more that people.

She called it steam boat, she pre ordered the meat from navy exchange, Time to call her and express my gratitude for her generosity and learn her way of cooking it before its too late. I've got to admit, cooking at F is a tenuous experience, especially Christmas dinner. How to cook a steamship round of beef decided to try your what is an xd picture card with a big 28 pound whole top round.

I trimmed the top fat cap and silver skin. I then tied the round across the two muscles about every two inches. I then laid the fat trimmings back across the roast to self baste. I did add a lot of garlic into the roast. Tomorrow, at dinner, I'll remove the fat, season the top and re-roast. Got everything riding on this!

Question - will this work for whole back legs? I'm doing 2 at the same time. I'm guessing the legs will weigh about 40 pounds each, but he is still walking around. I believe if you check more closely, "steam ship round" is used either for a 3 pound or larger roast up to one or more large enough to feed an entire wedding reception. Either way, this recipe works.

To become obsessive over a name seems rather silly. This looks like a great recipe; however I was doing a search on steamship round, the kind hotels use in buffets and for events. Recipes that feed 50 to Yours how to run the 100 meter dash not help in that regard and should have it's name changed!

I have been looking for this recipe for 20 years! My mother used to make roast this way and when I asked her for the recipe, she had absolutely no recollection of cooking a roast in this fashion.

All I remember is that it came out perfectly each and every time! My mother thinks I fabricated the recipe in my feeble mind! Never miss an upload! The Rating How did it taste? Post Your Review or cancel Reviewed by 4 people I made this roast and it is fantastic and easy.

Sounds wonderful!! The Groups Not added to any groups yet! Maybe List Hang onto this recipe while I look at others. Holding 0 recipes.

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How to make it Preheat oven to degrees. Cut slits in roast and insert garlic cloves (4 to 5 cloves per a three pound roast.) Season roast with ground black pepper. Place roast in shallow roasting pan and roast for 5 minutes pre pound. Turn oven off and let roast stand in oven WITHOUT OPENING 5/5(4). Feb 22,  · Cooking Tips If a Steamship Round is around or under 40 pounds (18 kg), you shouldn’t have any difficulty cooking one in a North American sized home oven. Allow about 5 hours at degrees F ( C). Then, let rest covered out of oven for 2 hours before serving. The shank and heel meat shall be removed from the shank bone by a straight cut perpendicular to the ventral edge of the round that is posterior to, but no more than inches ( cm) from, the stifle joint leaving no more than inches ( cm) of the shank bone (tibia) exposed and firmly intact.

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Go to Community recipes! How to Cook a Steamship Round of Beef. A steamship round is a beef roast that consists of a whole round with a rump and a heel. The cut is traditionally used as a cut of roast beef at a buffet.

At home, you can add your favorite vegetables to the round for a side dish at the end of the cooking process. Cooking a steamship round will require a large roasting pan and several hours. The round typically weighs 50 to 60 pounds. Preheat the oven to degrees Fahrenheit. Take the meat out of the package and then place it into a roasting pan. Rub the meat with salt and pepper on all sides.

Fill the pan to 1-inch with water. Put in white onions, peeled garlic, celery, carrots and potatoes around the meat. Cover the meat with foil or a fitted lid and then place it in the oven. Cook a 50 to pound round for four to five hours. Insert a meat thermometer into the center of the round and let the temperature reach degrees Fahrenheit before removing the roast from the oven.

Let the meat sit for 10 to 15 minutes before slicing. Fresh herbs work best when you sprinkle them over the meat just before serving. Try these herbs for steaks, hamburgers and any grilled beef:. Chimichurri an Argentinian mixed-herb sauce made with oil, vinegar and finely chopped parsley, oregano and garlic. Dried Herbs:. Sprinkle dried herbs on roast beef or add them to the pot for braised beef brisket. These work especially well with beef:.

Bay leaves for braised cuts of beef like brisket or stews. Red pepper flakes for steaks and hamburgers. Spices work with all cuts of beef, either sprinkled on before cooking or tossed into a braising pot.

For dry spice rubs on short ribs or steaks, use a mix of herbs and spices and let the rub sit on the meat for a few hours before cooking. Along with salt, pepper and dried herbs, add any of these:. Chili powder. Indian-inspired spice mixes cumin, garam masala and cinnamon. Dried herbs and all spices are more potent than fresh herbs. Never lose a recipe again , not even if the original website goes away! Use the Copy Me That button to create your own complete copy of any recipe that you find online.

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