How to drive more traffic to website

how to drive more traffic to website

76 Proven Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Apr 10,  · There are effectively two ways that you can drive traffic to a website. The first way is free. It involves things like search engine optimization, setting up a blog, social media marketing and so. Aug 19,  · Announce special brand contests on social media and limit submissions to your website. Create teasers for your best content - be it audio, video, or text - and provide links to the full story placed on your site. Use compelling calls-to-action (CTAs), with links that drive people to the website. Getting Smart About Paid Traffic.

So, you finally finished your stunning website. Now what? Well, the next step it to get people to actually come visit your website. For many small business owners, a website is an extension of their business itself, and for some online storesit is the actual business. However, this how to drive more traffic to website simply not true. Successfully generating traffic to your website may take time and effort, but anyone can do it!

A natural step within the process of bringing in traffic to your website is email marketing. With Wix Email Marketingyou can craft the perfect newsletter for a sale, your new items, or a blog post and share it with how to drive more traffic to website subscribers instantly.

Here are some crucial tips to keep in mind:. Craft pithy subject lines : If your newsletter is the gift, your subject is like the wrapping paper and bow holding it all together, so make it grab attention. CTA almost in your face: Going hand in with the previous rule, make sure that once you make the point of your newsletter known that your CTA call to action follows shortly afterwards. Location is key. That means having the punch bowl filled and already spikedthe balloons ready to fall from how to drive more traffic to website ceiling, the snack table is setup according to all dietary restrictions, etc.

You know at the end of the night, it will be scraped clean, but that means you did a good job setting up your party. In the case of SEO, you are the party planner, your website is the event space and search engines are your guests.

To get you started, read this guide that explains the basics of SEO. Then, structure your site titles, and moreby following these 12 ultimate SEO tips. Afraid of getting lost in the SEO maze? The latter of which is far too often overlooked. Possibly the best part about SEO is the fact that it is absolutely free.

The internet is rife with resources to help you learn a thing or 20 about SEO, and the Wix Blog is a great place to start. A great SEO setup out of the gate is like studying for a test you already knew you were going to ace. Patience is the key word here. No matter who your target audience is, they will be on a social network, somewhere. While there are ways you can find them through paid services more on that latercreating content surrounding your industry or your products and services will draw followers in.

Even if your market is niche, you will find a following with consistency and unique, quality content. Customer service and engagement can all be done from social media or by using an easy customer support software how to drive more traffic to website, and this does nothing but help cultivate your community. If you think of your social networks as extensions of your own brand which they arethey should be closely tied together. Anytime you have a new blog post on your website, share it on your social networks to get people heading to your website.

Have a link to your website in your social network profiles and vice versa: use the social bar on your website to make your social networks are easily and directly accessible. The more often these bots index new information, the better chances you have of your search engine rank improving. This can be a vastly handing in my notice what to write story for those who post everyone once in a while.

By now, you should be convinced as to why you need a blog. And it's just your lucky day since we have 21 smart content ideas for your future blog. Plus, a few quick tips when it comes to blogging:.

Consistency is key : If you want to see the greatest SEO benefits from your blog, you must commit to making it work. Just like all SEO benefits, blogging takes time and effort. Make it easy to dive deep into your site : As an expert in your industry, you should share your knowledge and insight with others. Not only is this valuable for your readers, but it provides a great opportunity for you to advertise your business within a blog.

Make sure the process for a reader to how to remove snow from gravel driveway your website from your blog is effortless. Add links to other pages your store page, for example within your article to keep the reader on your website.

This type of material will always remain relevant and will not need to be updated or be repurposed. Because it will still be relevant later down the road. If the post is a tutorial of sorts, republish with more relevant and updated instructions. You can also check up with the latest SEO trends to make sure that your old posts follow the guidelines.

Instead of doing all the research and reporting back on your findings, you may want to look into having a guest blogger. Why, you ask? Having a guest blogger can be helpful in multiple ways, as you allow others to add content to your website. One place you can head to is social networks, like a Facebook Group for bloggers.

Another place worth checking out is dedicated websites like, Blogger Link Up to take on the task. How you approach your guest blogger is important. Be preemptive and anticipate questions they may have by being as informative as you can without writing a blog yourself within the email.

Simply put, outreach marketing is connecting with bloggers and other influencers in your industry, in order to increase exposure for your website and promote your products or services. The process will primarily consist of gathering your targets, websites, bloggers, industry folk and approach them via email to gauge their interest in a potential partnership and following up when necessary to create a lasting relationship.

The process to submit your site to online directories is fairly straightforward. This will be added to the relevant directory database, allowing your information to appear when someone is searching within your content categories.

Forums : If your business specializes how to drive more traffic to website a specific area, you may want to find out if there are online forums dedicated to your how to drive more traffic to website of practice. Speaking of forums, you can easily add one to your website with Wix Forum. Everything mentioned above can be accomplished for free. Monetarily free, at least, as they all can cost you time.

In a nutshell, every time someone clicks on one of your ads, you pay some money for it. The process is similar to others, in that you bid for a specific phrase so that your website will appear in the results how to make bircher muesli jamie oliver they search the phrase.

When they click on your ad, you pay the bid price that you set when you first created the ad. Social advertising : Looking to go social with your ads? This type of advertising can do wonders for your business, given that it can really hone in on and display ads to a specific audience.

Facebook ads : lets you set highly-specific parameters to who your ad is shown to, like demographics, location, behavior, and interests. Luckily for you, we have that insight packaged up for you right here in a all you need to know about Facebook advertising guide. For the latter, you will only pay when someone clicks through to your website.

All other impressions and engagements gained from your promoted Tweet are free. The app automatically sets up ad campaigns with Google and Bing. Plus, the intuitive algorithm automatically optimizes every campaign. The best part about it all? By Blake Stimac. This Blog was created with Wix What salt is used to melt snow. Mar 19, Recent Posts See All.

Not All Traffic is Created Equal

Achieving business growth in may seem like a lot to ask for, given the ongoing pandemic, global financial slowdown, and lower buyer confidence. This means that many more businesses now have a bigger incentive to move online or enhance their existing online visibility to get a larger market share and attract more customers.

Yet this also implies that businesses across various industries are now faced with stiffer competition and more obstacles to overcome to land that very first or th customer. Traffic is the first concern businesses have to deal with to win a larger market share and more customers. Seasoned digital marketers are well aware that a few targeted visitors are worth more than tens or hundreds of visits from a more general audience. So, taking a step back, businesses have to make sure they have their buyer persona defined before thinking about increasing or generating new traffic.

The very first step when crafting a traffic growth strategy is to look at the market traffic trends - this will help to define the extent of potential growth goals. Looking at Expedia, a drop in traffic can be explained by the decline in the number of searches for some key search queries they rank for:.

This, of course, is a superficial approach to looking at market trends. Various industry reports and more advanced market research tools will provide a more in-depth overview:.

This implies that with the shrinking traffic volumes, brands like Expedia should enter the race for existing and declining traffic against competitors. Being an industry player, you probably have an idea of who your top competitors are - if not, a simple Google search will give a rough idea of the most successful companies within your niche. To get a more accurate picture, go through this post , which guides you through the process of identifying your rivals.

Using Traffic Analytics, you can see how your rivals set their traffic acquisition priorities - be it direct, referral, search, social, or paid traffic. Reveal any company's website traffic. Having spotted that competitors are getting a large share of direct traffic, brands can assume that their competitors are investing a lot in brand awareness and customer loyalty. Yet even such companies as Dollar Shave Club have the largest share of direct traffic vs.

To boost direct traffic, you have to employ tactics that will support the actions mentioned above:. Kayak is the leading Expedia competitor when it comes to referral traffic, and cheapflights. By uncovering which sites refer to your competitor, you can identify their most beneficial partnerships on the web, and try to replicate their success.

Building partnerships is a long-term process, yet something brands should invest in as taking the share of traffic from competitors is a strategy that can work in most cases. There is also a more general approach to getting visitors from high-authority sites, called white-hat link-building.

As a result, our findings are being consistently published by the leading media outlets worldwide, giving our site high-quality backlinks :. Getting ahead of competitors when it comes to search traffic is underpinned by site optimization strategies. SEO is a large topic to cover, so we will share some valuable content that will point your SEO efforts in the right direction:. Both Expedia and Kayak are global companies that operate across various locations. If you are managing a global brand, you should be on the watch out for any additional traffic sources.

This comprehensive post on 18 alternative search engines will guide you through optimization strategies for each of them. Followers count numbers do not reveal how many people actually visit the website and later convert into buyers. Agoda generally wins over Expedia when it comes to attracting traffic from social networks, despite a much smaller number of followers across all social media accounts of both brands:. Without getting into the nitty-gritty of why Agoda manages to get its social media audience to visit its site, we have a hunch that it might have to do with its funny YouTube cartoons.

When it comes to paid traffic, budget restrictions are instrumental in determining which strategies you can choose. Given you already know who your key competitors are, you can rightfully assume that you have different levels of audience overlap with each rival. So, Agoda is a much more interesting rival to look at compared to Kayak. Tools like Traffic Analytics Audience Insights report can help you identify which competitors you share the least similar audience with.

To expand your reach, look into which platforms that unique audience frequently visits to target these users with your remarketing campaigns on relevant platforms:. Audience overlaps are also helpful when analyzing which publishers to choose when making GDN placements. We previously mentioned that Kayak gets a lot of referral traffic from cheapflights. Before immediately allocating GDN ad budgets to the platform, check first whether this publisher actually shares a significant portion of your audience.

If the overlap between your audience and the publisher is high enough, you can go ahead and launch a GDN campaign targeted at users visiting the given platform. Even after launching the optimal traffic acquisition strategy across all channels, you may still be losing traffic or struggling to achieve growth. One possible reason is that your competitors could be rolling out a strategy for 'stealing' your traffic:. You should always watch out for such tactics and launch counter-bidding keyword campaigns to keep your grip on the market share.

Content is the key traffic generator - with all its keywords, link-building, and virality potential. Sometimes, a data-driven content strategy that helps increase traffic is a matter of optimizing existing content.

You can use Google Search Console to find underperforming pages of your site and see if you can optimize them to enhance their visibility. With tools like Content Audit , you can just submit your site to the tool and it will automatically analyze the performance of your pages. The newest tool, ImpactHero , will provide suggestions on optimizing your content for a higher potential to attract visitors and get conversions.

Traffic acquisition efforts can come to naught if your website is showing some unhealthy signs like slow page load speed. Apart from the content angle, driving more traffic to a site also has to do with the technical infrastructure of your site.

This post will give you a holistic idea of the most common website mistakes from a technical SEO perspective, but here we will mention the key area:.

With every passing second, users are times more likely to bounce off the page, which affects your traffic generation efforts:. Speed optimization essentially comes down to:. This post will guide you through the full optimization process. Nike, an industry leader, is a great example of a brand keeping watch on market trends.

Its recent move to make the Nike Training Club app permanently free sets the tone for all brands trying to embrace pandemic-related market and consumer behavior shifts. By not giving away market share to other fitness apps and gym-trainers-turned-online-trainers, Nike is managing to maintain its spot as the industry leader.

Identify market traffic trends. Reveal any company's website traffic with Traffic Analytics. Identify market traffic trends with Market Explorer. Author Photo Natalia Zhukova Natalia is a data-driven marketer focusing on market research and strategy development.

Having a solid experience in digital marketing, Natalia has a passion in SEO, content marketing and multilingual website creation and optimization. More about Marketing. It is not a pen with your logo scrawled on it. Set your clock: we have got 30 minutes and 6 hidden points to discover.

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