How to fix bricked phone

how to fix bricked phone

How to Fix Bricked Android Phones and Tablets [2020 Update]

When your Android phone gets bricked, you can try the methods below to fix the problem: Method 1. Force restart your phone If your phone is frozen at a frame and make no response to your order, you can try to reboot it forcibly. Sep 18,  · Step 1. Install brick phone fix tool Download and install this powerful broken Android phone fixing software on your computer. Then select "Android Data Extraction" mode from the left .

So you've bricked your phone. You flashed a ROM, installed a mod, tweaked a system file, or did something elseand now your brivked won't boot.

The steps for how to unbrick a phone depend on how it's bricked in the first place. There are two categories of bricked phone:. Most likely you're soft bricked, and you'll see something like the image above. While the differences in how various devices work make it hard to come up with a catch-all solution to unbrick Android, there are four common tricks you can try to get yourself back on track:.

Before you get started, make sure your phone and computer are set up and ready with the proper tools. Chances are you already have most of the tools you need to unbrick your phone. They're the same tools you used to root your device and flash ROMs, so you should already be familiar with how they work. Even so, double-check before you begin. Most important is a custom recovery. You likely installed this when you rooted your phone, but it can sometimes get overwritten by the stock recovery, or wiped entirely.

If you do need to reinstall it, we recommend going with TWRP. It's how to fix bricked phone fully featured how to smoke out of a bottle recovery that's brkcked easy to use, and has builds for most popular devices. Next, you might need Fastboot and ADB.

These are commonly used for rooting and flashing system mods, and you can get both from the Android Developers website.

Hw our primer on how to use Fastboot and ADB if you aren't familiar with them. And finally, some manufacturers use special software to flash factory images.

Most of these tools will let you fix a bricked Android phone using a PC. However, you can often do the job directly on the phone itself. One of the most likely causes of soft bricking your how to fix bricked phone is when you have problems when flashing a custom ROM. The culprit here is often that you didn't wipe your data first.

This is referred to as a "dirty flash," and occurs when you choose to forego the inconvenience of bricled to restore your apps and data by flashing a new ROM on top of your old one. As a general rule, you can get away with it if you're flashing a newer version of your existing ROM, but you must always wipe your data whenever you flash a different ROM.

Fortunately, it's easy to fixas long as you've backed up your phone properly. If you haven't, well, you've ohw an important lesson the hard way. Follow these steps:. Wiping your data effectively performs a factory reset, but it shouldn't clear your internal storage or SD card although, again, you should back it up just to be safe. When you restart your phone, you'll see the Android setup screen.

After entering your Google account information, your apps should begin reinstalling automatically. If how to draw 101 funny people book need to, you can restore your data from your Nandroid backup.

See the Restore a Nandroid Backup section below. Try this method if: You get boot loops after installing a new Xposed module. The Xposed Framework is one of the simplest ways to mod your phone, but it's also one of the most dangerous. The best Xposed modules are so easy to installmany of them are available in the Play Storethat they lull you into a false sense of security.

It's unlikely anyone makes a Nandroid backup before installing a new Xposed module, even though they can brick vix phone. The best way to deal with these problems is with the Xposed Uninstaller. This is a small flashable ZIP that you can install through the recovery to remove Xposed from your device. Bticked you don't already have it on your phone, you can put it on an SD card, or you what date does fathers day fall on be able to copy it over using the ADB push method:.

None of these solutions will undo any changes the modules have made to your how to fix bricked phone. If these changes caused your phone to brick, you will have to restore your Nandroid backup. Try this how to fix bricked phone if: You need to remove other system mods, replace a tweaked system file, or if the methods above didn't work.

The Nandroid backup is the safety net for Android mods and tweaks. It's a complete snapshot of your phonenot just your data and apps, but of the operating system itself. So long as you can access your custom recovery and have a Nandroid backup, you will be able to get your soft bricked phone up and ;hone. To do so:. Nandroid backups are a bit of a pain to make. They take a while and cannot tto done in the background.

But they're worth it: they're the simplest way to unbrick your phone. A Nandroid backup can also save the day if you had to wipe your data and didn't back it up in an easily restorable form. It's possible to extract specific parts of a Nandroid, so you can restore your apps and data without needing to restore the operating system as well. If your attempts at unbricking Android have failed so far, the nuclear option is to re-flash a factory image.

This restores the phone to its original state and will wipe your internal storage as well as everything else. It'll also unroot your phone. Because it wipes everything, you might be better off trying to flash a how to own a hedgehog ROM first.

OnePlus actually offers flashable ROMs for recovery rather how to fix bricked phone factory images, and you'll find similar for virtually every device at xda-developers. In many cases you'll be able to flash a pre-rooted stock ROM for added convenience.

Where flashing a factory image differs from flashing a ROM is that it happens over a connection to your desktop computer rather than through recovery. Because of the different methods used, the instructions for flashing a factory image differ for each device. And not all manufacturers make their firmware publicly available, so you have to find them from unofficial sources.

First make sure the phone really is brickedplug it in and leave it charging for a while. Attempt to reset it by holding the power button down for seconds or pulling your battery if you've got an older device. If it is pjone hard-bricked, then you may be out of luck.

You can find these for cheap on Ebay, but only how to fix bricked phone a very small number of devices. Even then, there's no guarantee that they'll work. Beyond that, you may need to send your phone in for repair though rooting it might have voided your warranty or seek out a local phone repair person. But you most likely will end up needing to buy a go device.

Hopefully this guide has helped you to unbrick your Android phone. And hopefully your experience hasn't put you off rooting and hacking Android altogether. But if you'd rather play it safe in future, you can still have a lot of fun with your phone. Take a look at our guide to the best Android tweaks you can make without rooting for some amazing ideas.

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Part 1. What is a Bricked Android Phone and Tablet?

Jun 11,  · Here are some easy ways to fix bricked Android phones: Option1. For Soft Brick solutions: Place the battery out of the mobile device and start resetting the phone by pressing down Total Time: 3 mins. If Your Phone Keeps Rebooting: Wipe Your Data and Cache. Power down your phone. Turn it back on and boot into Recovery mode. This is a bit different for every phone, so you'll have to Google how to do it for Use your volume keys to navigate the menus, and your power button to select menu items.

Your Android phone is stuck at boot loop, gets a white or black screen of death or boots directly into Recovery mode? If it is, you are probably getting a bricked phone.

It sounds that your device is suffering a severe illness in this case but do not give up the hope of rescuing it. Here are some easy but effective ways to fix bricked Android phone and you can try it first when your phone becomes a brick.

You must wonder what operation or factor would make your phone be bricked so we list several main reasons for brick Android phone and you can take a look. This could be a good thing but if you install an incompatible ROM or install it improperly your phone will stuck at boot loop. But during the rooting process, you might fail to root the device properly which would result in a brick problem.

If your phone is frozen at a frame and make no response to your order, you can try to reboot it forcibly. And to complete that, the most direct way is to remove the battery from the device and then insert it back. After putting the battery back to the device, you can long press the Power button to try to restart your phone.

But if the battery on your phone is dismountable, you need to go to the next solution. Wiping cache partition in Recovery Mode can be a good idea to fix bricked Android phone as well. The methods to boot different kinds of Android phone into Recovery Mode are diverse but the normal way is:. When the resetting process finishes, your device will reboot automatically. Broken Android Data Extraction is software good at fixing broken or damaged Android phone.

Thus, it is also a good selection to rescue bricked Android phone. With it, you are able to solve the problem within clicks. Just click on the issue that your phone has and tap on Next. Then you can use the Android Recovery Tool to get back your lost data as you like. When you open the fixed mobile phone, you will find that the data on it is lost or damaged so you need to figure out a solution to restore them.

It can help you to get back almost all the data on Android effortlessly. Just download the free trial of this software and have a try. Next launch the program and you will be asked to enable USB debugging on your device. Just go with the instructions on the screen to complete the enabling process. When the connected phone is detected successfully, you need to select the file types you want to recover and hit Next to start scanning for lost data.

Just click the file types you want to restore to preview their detailed information. Then, check your wanted files and hit Recover to get back your Android data. After the data recovery, you are suggested to backup your Android phone data this time so you can get them back easily if you lose them unexpectedly once again. Part 1. Part 2. How to Fix the Bricked Android Phone? Part 3.

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