How to fold silk pocket square

how to fold silk pocket square

How to Fold a Pocket Square

May 18,  · ?? Learn More About Silk Clothing: - ? Join Global Silk Community: Follow Us on F. Jun 08,  · How to Fold a Four-Point Pocket Square 1. Lay your pocket square flat on a hard, level surface, with points facing top and bottom, right and left. 2. Pinch the center of the pocket square fabric with your thumb and forefinger. 3. Lift the fabric up so it drapes down onto the surface around the point.

Whether you are looking for a quick and easy fold, or something more intricate that showcases your attention to detail, this guide on how to fold a pocket square will ensure that you always look the part and then some! Move over Steve Carrell, move in Ryan Gosling! Courtesy of www. The Presidential Square Fold consists of a clean, how to fold silk pocket square look that will exude effortless debonair! In its finished form, a square fold looks like a horizontal band of fabric. Use this pocket square fold when looking for a maximum level of formality, and an understated look at the same time.

Whether you are looking to dress like James Bond or Don Draper, this pocket square will leave you in good standing. Typically, a white pocket square made from silk or linen will work best. The classic fold is a variation of the presidential fold, and allows you to show some additional flair. The classic fold consists of what is dumprep. exe process straightforward rectangle composed of overlapping edges.

In fact, it is not necessary to keep the edges inline and symmetrical — having them slightly misaligned can add flair to your ensemble! Wearing pocket squares with contrasting edges preferably hand rolled! The classic fold, like the presidential fold, looks best in more formal settings.

As such, plain white pocket squares will look the best. Looking to up your game with your pocket square folding techniques? Cue the single peak fold. This fold is simple enough to be business appropriatebut relaxed enough to strut in how to make a wooden bench top more casual setting as well!

Therefore, whether you are dressing for daily work, an evening out or date night, this fold will have people doing a double take, and then some! The Single Peak Fold can be worn with either a silk, linen or cotton pocket square. The two peak fold is sqjare dressy fold with a yo of flair. Hence, it is a more detailed and aesthetic alternative to the single peak fold. Because it is traditionally a formal fold, it is best worn to business meetings, an important presentation, or the next wedding reception that you are attending!

The Three Peak Fold is ideal for making a confident, bold statement, and so is perfect for gentlemen who want to stand out from the crowd. These three symmetrical peaks make the fold ideal for formal settings, such as a wedding reception. However, they can be worn to an important meeting or presentation — just make sure that the pocket square and folds are extra crisp! Fabrics: Linen or Cotton starchier fabrics help with maintaining crispness of multiple folds, peaks. The grand daddy of the peak folds, the four peak fold should be reserved for the most formal of occasions.

If you are looking to make a bold statement, the four peak fold is your ideal companion. Additionally, this fold is best worn with a more starchy fabric such as linen, as the rigidity of this fabric helps with maintaining the crispness of the various peaks. A more exuberant version of the four peaks fold, the angle peaks fold demonstrates visibly more flair. The Angled Peak Fold showcases four peaks that face in the same direction, making it distinctly different than the four peaks fold.

The Angled Peak Fold, given the squae statement that it makes, is best reserved for more formal occasions. The symmetry of the finished pockst with the four peaks facing in the same direction will be further enhanced by using a pocket square with contrasting hand rolled edges! The Winged Puff Fold is a variation of the single peak uow, but with more detail and character.

The wing peaked fold features folf diamond crest, with an intricate fold running down the center. This Pocket Square is ideal for weddings and formal occasions.

This pocket square fold works particularly well with silk pocket squares, allowing the sheen, vibrant colors and fabric to come to the forefront. Looking for a smooth, sleek fold that requires minimal effort. Maybe your just getting into pocket square game and are looking to up your style, without learning intricate, convoluted folds. Cue The Puff Fold.

The puff fold is ideal for both formal and casual events. Wear it with your tie of choice to a more formal event, or wear it sans tie with just a sports jacket and dress shirt on an tto out or date night! A variation of the puff fold, this exquisite fold is my favorite, go to fold! Showcasing both the puff, along with the edges, this intricate looking but incredibly easy fold fols you to showcase your pocket square pattern in great detail, along with the edges.

As such, pocket squares with contrasting, hand rolled how to find out if a property is listed work best here, as they provide that perfect color contrast to the main color scheme of the pocket square pattern. The Edge Puff fold can be zilk to both what does it mean when someone is emotionally unavailable and casual settingsand is ideal for the pockst dapper gentleman that how to protect yourself online banking to strut their flair.

Showcasing primarily the edges and border if the pocket square pattern has one of the pocket square, this fold creates a nonchalant, relaxed aesthetic that makes it ideal for less formal occasions. Whether you are dressing for date night, an evening out with friends or looking to spruce things up at that how to fold silk pocket square networking event, the reverse puff fold will have you in good standing!

The reverse puff fold ailk be worn with a hkw, linen or cotton pocket square, though would look best with silk. Opt for a pocket square with with contrasting hand rolled edges, to showcase further flair and sophistication.

Fabrics: Silk, Linen or Cotton preferably silk, given the drape of the fold and the finished look! Type Of Pocket Square: Solid or patterned would work how to fold silk pocket square well with a polka how to fold silk pocket square or paisley pattern.

Looking for an alternative, intricate, yet fairly relaxed pocket square fold? Cue the scallop fold. The Scallop Fold is a somewhat complex pocket square fold that provides for squqre unique, layered look. Given the way the finished fold falls, this is best worn with a silk pocket square.

The layered and intricate nature of the scallop fold make it ideal for both casual and formal settings. Given that the lines and silhouette of the scallop fold are somewhat curved, this look will undoubtedly add depth and character to your ensembles! Fabrics: Silk, Linen or Cotton though preferably silk, given the drape and finishing of the fold.

Type Of Pocket Square: Solid or patterned polka dots or paisley patterns will work particularly well here. The Three Stairs fold is the hoq sophisticated fold in our repertoire, and will ensure that people do a double take and then some! Featuring three, layered tiers, this sophisticated fold is best worn to formal events, such as a wedding reception. Due to the drape of this fold and the finished look, this fold is ideally worn with a silk pocket square, though it can be worn with a linen how to fold silk pocket square cotton pocket square as well.

Looking for a pocket square fold that will add a touch of elegance to your ensembles? Cue The Rose Fold. An intricate fold that features a curved, folded rose appearance, this pocket square look is a romantic complement to important occasions: a wedding, an anniversary or a special date night!

Given the desire for an intended, finished look, the rose pocket square how to fold silk pocket square should definitely be worn with a silk pocket square! Although the fold may look simple at first glance, it definitely requires a certain level of dexterity! Subtle adjustments through the folding process will go a long way to achieving that elegant, dapper look. Are you overwhelmed by the numerous pocket square fold options above? Worry how to fold silk pocket square, the below video elegantly capture some of the more basic folds that will still have you looking dapper in no time!

So there you have it. A comprehensive guide to various pocket square folds! But wait a minute, you now know what pocket square fold to wear, but how do you match it to your ties, should you be wearing one? The following guidelines should help. Contrary to popular belief, your pocket square should never be an identical match to your tie.

While ready made sets at the flea market may have popularized that idea, the key with wearing your pocket square is to have your color and pattern complement the rest of your ensemble.

If you are looking for something more muted, opt for a monochromatic look, wearing a lighter or darker variation of your tie color. An example of this would include wearing a navy pocket square with a blue tie, or a burgundy pocket square with a pink tie. If you are looking to dress more boldly, opt for a triadic color scheme which uses colors in a color wheel that form a triangle.

This creates a great level of contrast, as you are matching fpld colors against cooler colors, such as a red tie with a blue pocket square, or a navy tie with a burgundy pocket square!

Finally, if you are looking for something extremely bold, opt for a complementary color scheme, where colors diagonally across each other on the how to fold silk pocket square wheel are paired together. This creates the strongest level of contrast between warm and cool colors e. Regarding Pocket Square patterns, you want to how to cook garlic in the oven one that is different in pocke type of pattern, proportion spacing within the patternor both.

Proportion is most critical, as you want a significantly different level of spacing within the pocket square versus pockeg tie, so as to create the highest level of contrast. Alright, so that was a lot of information to digest! Thirteen different pocket square folds in all. To recap:. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this detailed tutorial as much as we have had creating it!

S, Australia, U. Presidential Pocket Square Fold Courtesy of www. Lay the pocket square face down. Fold the pocket square in half from right to left. Fold the pocket square in half again, from left to right, leaving a slight gap on the right hand side. From the pocket square in half again, this time from top to bottom.

Fold the bottom up and behind the front. Lay the pocket square flat face down. Fold the pocket square in half from left to right. Fold it in half from bottom to top to ensure that the edges can be seen!

4 Steps to Folding a Square Fold with a Silk Pocket Square

Aug 26,  · 5 Steps to Folding a Two Point Fold with a Silk Pocket Square. A two point fold is a fancy way to fold a pocket square and is popular for weddings and other formal events. 1. Lay the pocket square flat on a clean surface. 2. Fold the pocket diagonally but slightly off center so that one corner is to the left of the other. 3. At the base of the pocket square, fold one corner inwards, roughly the same size as the width of your suit's breast pocket. 4. Because Silk Pocket Square Folds greatly reduce the size of the pocket square during the fold (e.g with a puff fold, a pocket square is reduced down to a single puff!), it is best to opt for larger sized silk pocket squares. A Note on Folding Pocket Squares. The pocket square is a charming accessory that has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past decade. The roots of this once functional piece of fabric can be traced back thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, a cloth akin to a .

Have you ever noticed how during weddings people wear pocket squares differently with suits? Some pocket squares are folded flat and just poke out of a suit's breast pocket. Other pocket squares seem to bloom out of a suit. These different pocket square styles are achieved through different ways of folding the pocket square and tucking it into suits.

Try these steps to achieve the desired look for your pocket square. This pocket square fold is the easiest of folds, creating a single band of fabric on your suit. It is often used for very formal events like weddings. Fold the bottom end of the pocket square, having it come about half an inch short of the top of the folded pocket square. Tuck the folded pocket square into your suit's breast pocket.

Adjust it to create a smooth line of fabric. A two point fold is a fancy way to fold a pocket square and is popular for weddings and other formal events. Fold the pocket diagonally but slightly off center so that one corner is to the left of the other. At the base of the pocket square, fold one corner inwards, roughly the same size as the width of your suit's breast pocket.

Fold the other corner over the fold you made in step 3. The base of your pocket square should now be about the same width as your suit's breast pocket.

Tuck the horizontal end of the pocket square into your suit's breast pocket until the vertical edges of the pocket square are completely hidden. The pocket square should look like a triangle with off center points. This simple fold creates a puffy look to your pocket square.

The end result looks like a flower blooming out of your suit, especially when you use a colourful silk pocket square with designs. The Dunaway fold is an excellent pocket square fold for weddings. Pinch the center of the pocket square. Lift the pocket square up so that the corners and edges hang evenly on either side.

Still pinching the center of the pocket square, gently tug the edge of the folded pocket square down with your other hand. This should create a tube-like shape. Turn the pocket square around and loosen the edges of the fold so that they are relatively even. Tuck the pocket square into your suit pocket so that only the the edges of the pocket square are seen. Adjust the points as you wish.

The design of Nathon Kong silk pocket squares incorporates art made by artists with mental health troubles. These art pieces tell their story of mental health recovery with Les Impatients , a nonprofit organization that holds therapeutic art classes for those those with a diagnosed mental health difficulty.

Silk pocket squares are made in limited edition only of each design. They are sent in a luxury gift box with a certificate of authenticity telling the story of the artist that created the art of your silk pocket square. When You Should Wear a Necktie. What You Should Wear to a Wedding. Nathon Kong Our Story. Artisans Angels. Featured in. Bespoke Suits Bespoke Items. Nathon Kong Experience. Magazine Lifestyle. Lay the pocket square flat on a clean surface.

Fold the pocket square vertically. Fold the center of the pocket square about halfway up the tube shape. Leave a comment Name.

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