How to make 3pt shots

how to make 3pt shots

NBA 2K18: How to Make a Three Point Shot

Dec 05,  · Want basketball shooting tips to INSTANTLY increase your shooting range and accuracy so you can make more 3 point shots? This basketball tutorial will show y. Learn how to make a 3-point shot with expert basketball tips in this free online sports instruction video Ritchie GreerBio: Ritchie Greer played.

This is the corner or baseline 3-point shot. This is a spot on the floor that is often neglected by players in their practice routine. You can practice baseline shots by using any of the shooting techniques — from the catch and shoot, to the shot out of triple threat, to the jab, step back, and shoot.

You want to make sure your players always have their hands up and ready near their shoulders or chest — not only to shoot the ball quicker, but also to give their teammates a target to pass to. This is a great fundamental for shooting. However, I want to re-emphasize the value of this drill. Shorter players can make themselves one second quicker and get their shot off much faster if they will learn the catch-and-shoot technique.

This can be an invaluable weapon in your quest to become a great basketball player. For shorter players, especially guards, another invaluable shot for 3-point shooting is the shot off the fast break. The shot off the fast break is a great shot to practice because it is a rhythm shot. An alternative shot to a 3-point weapon has to be a jump shot into the lane. In this drill, the how to make 3pt shots is passing to himself, making a jump stop in a triple threat, then coming back to a catch and shoot with a shot fake, and going to a jump shot in the lane.

Incorporate a jump stop and pivot into our practice setting before you actually go through the move. Everything we practice is game situation. Shot fake into the lane for the jump shot.

Now we have him pass to himself using reverse spin on the ball so that he can shot fake out of a catch-and-shoot. You can do this with the coach passing to a player or players, as a team drill, passing to each other. You can incorporate this drill only three minutes a day into your practice time and have great results in a game situation. Practice at different baskets and different spots.

When you practice 3-point shooting, practice at a different basket on days one, three and five, than you do on days two, four and six. Try to rotate every day how to make 3pt shots get a feel for shooting on how to make 3pt shots courts. This drill is used to what is calcium carbonate used for a lateral slide for a 3-point shot.

If a player is having difficulty in making a shot to one side of the floor or in making a shot out how do you reset computer to earlier date a specific shooting drill, then they should go and practice an extra set or two sets of that drill every day for a week or even up to a month. At the end of team practice, take an extra set of 10 or how to make 3pt shots two sets of 10 in order to develop a greater shooting rhythm from the weak spots or shots that you have from the 3-point line.

This drill helps your players work on a fake to move the defender backward and then step back and get off a 3-point shot in critical situations. The player begins in triple threat, makes a good strong jab fake, then steps back and shoots the 3-point shot. When performing a jab fake, you always want to jab low — not long. As with any fundamental, you want to practice the jab, step back, and shoot, slowly at first and then you can develop rhythm and speed.

Make a quick, short faking movement, step back, and shoot the 3. Do not toe the 3-point line. An important principle to follow when practicing is to give yourself a little bit of extra distance when shooting the 3-point shot. Never toe the 3-point line! This will help you to keep from looking down and breaking your concentration on the shot.

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Shooting Drill: Baseline 3-point shots

To do this drill, you want to work your way around the 3 point arc. First, start in the baseline corners. Hit a shot from one corner, then run to the other side and hit a shot from the other corner. If you miss a shot, run back to the same location until you hit a shot from there. Sep 15,  · How to Make a Three Point Shot in NBA 2K In a tight NBA 2K18 game where both teams manage to score a hoop in each ball possession, successful three-point shots . This drill helps your players work on a fake to move the defender backward and then step back and get off a 3-point shot in critical situations. The player begins in triple threat, makes a good strong jab fake, then steps back and shoots the 3-point shot. When the player jabs forward with the foot, they don’t want to go more than 6? on the jab.

Albums Screenshots Videos. Communicate Friends Chalkboard. Hey everyone. I thought I would upload a few youtube clips and give some tips on making mid range and 3 point shots. Let me first off say I've been one of the biggest critics of NBA Live 15 and their lack of mid range and 3 point game. Most of my most recent posts have been about the frustration of it. I shot about twenty 3 pointers. I also drained a ton of mid range shots. After much messing around I thought I would again, give some tips.

It is a broken system but there are ways to make the shots and make this game realistic. So hopefully these tips help you. It's one of your biggest tools you have at your disposal. It can help get you an open shot. Once I came off the pick you can see I created some extra space by turboing just a few steps away. The defenders bit on the roll and gave me just enough space to drain the 3. Another important thing. With Live's shooting system you need to get open.

You need a good amount of room!!! I cannot explain how important it is to use transition to your advantage. Whenever your running the fast break you might have guys and only one guy getting back on defense. You can notice here I used Rudy Gay. Truth is in real life Omir Casspi, and even Derrick Williams have a decent chance at hitting an open 3. But not in NBA Live. Despite what people say NBA Live is really driven by great players.

If you want to hit a long range shot you need to use players that aren't just okay, but players that are great. That's kind of realistic, and kind of not. They should be able to hit a few open mid range shots when space is created, Live doesn't normally allow it.

We have to deal with it. One of my biggest tips is to not force shots. In trying to find ways to make mid range shots and "play realistic" I found myself missing out on easy baskets. If I want to play realistic it's okay to take inside shots. Don't be afraid to go in the post.

When I was struggling Demarcus Cousins would leave the game with 5 points and I would shoot from deep, because I was forcing shots to try to play realistic. Truth is I was missing out on a ton of realistic shots because I was afraid to take easy buckets. Don't be afraid to go into the post. Because going into the post can and will open up more opportunities for mid range and deep shots. I went in transition and got wide open with Ben McLemore a good shooter.

He missed, but it's okay because I made quite a few of those. Right after I used the same technique and got a wide open mid range shot with Rudy Gay. Last tip is to run plays. I like to use screen plays, so you hold the directional button up to do screen plays. Also you can turn auto motion on in the settings or you press LB on Xbox one. Not sure what you press on PS4.

But this moves your offense around which can help give players some space. Truth is the game is flawed. If I tried a mid range shot like that with Carl Landry he would miss almost every time. Or if I tried it with Demarcus Cousins he would miss. Derrick Williams couldn't make a wide open mid range or long range shot to save his life.

Hopefully they patch this. But every game is flawed. We just have to enjoy it the best we can since we have it.

And if we do we will find we can really play a great game of basketball at times. One more thing of course, yes, this whole game the computer was from 3. So yes. They definitely need to patch this. The computer will have their moments, but if you just guard them normally they won't make much of any mid range or long range shots, on any difficulty. I did all these clips on all star. Since I'm starting to have a lot more total succcess I'll probably move up to Superstar.

Feel free to share any more clips or tips you have. I just used Xbox's game DVR to record, and uploaded via the youtube app, only took a few minutes. Last edited by zrohman; at PM. Advertisements - Register to remove. Love the block by Cousins in clip number 2 leading to the 3. Thanks for the advice Bro! Great stuff! I basico use the pickn rollevery time I'm in thehalf ccourt. Does free up a lotof easy shots. Great tips for the community.

I would add that the worse the player, the more space is needed to make the shots, and to use advanced scouting to find out their tendencies, ie. Calvenn likes this. I uploaded a half of my recent game, Superstar vs the Rockets. I forced more from mid range than I normally would have, but just wanted to shoot for the sake of shooting midrange and long range. Granted, still not great, but it's feasible to win on nothing but shots from outside of the paint. The cpu shot several 3's, contested, and transition buckets.

Then again, they spammed the paint some as well. Oh, and I normally don't click on my replays that many times, but I wanted everyone to be able to see from a different angle the way I was able to either get space, or even hit with the man up on me. Nice tips, but unfortunately this only applies to playing offline. The bumping defensive handicap that this game has along with its unforgiving contested shot penalty kills online shooting.

Where is EA at yo??? College Hoops 2K19 Mod. College Hoops 2K20 Mod. Last edited by Rob. D; at PM. Quote: Originally Posted by Rob. D Nice tips, but unfortunately this only applies to playing offline. Not really sure what's happening today, yesterday and since the allstar weekend I could hit guarded and the odd contested 3 on superstar vs cpu but now nothing.

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