How to make hard candy with sugar and water

how to make hard candy with sugar and water

Hard Candy

Jun 19,  · Directions Step 1 In a medium saucepan, stir together the white sugar, corn syrup, and water. Cook, stirring, over medium heat Step 2 Remove from heat and stir in flavored extract and food coloring, if desired. Pour onto a greased cookie sheet, /5(). Cinnamon Rock Candy Recipe | Taste of Home.

Home » Bee Blog » How to make hard candy from table sugar. But after a bunch of recent requests for a recipe, I decided to try again. The problem begins with the idea of a recipe because a recipe implies a ratio of ingredients that will give you the proper results.

But cooking with sugar is more of a process than a formula. Trust me on this. Just think of it this way: when boiling sugar you are changing its format. Instead of little crystals you will get either a smooth and pliable dough fondant or a hard candy, something akin to a lollypop. These formats are easier for you to handle—and less likely to be discarded by your dinner guests—than tiny sugar crystals. To make fondant or hard candy, you simply dissolve the sugar in the smallest amount of water possible and then cook it to drive the water back out.

You can put ten pounds of sugar in three cups of water or in five gallons of water—you will get the same thing in the end. But the more water you use, the longer it will take to drive it all off again. The trick is to use as much water as necessary, but as little as possible. The temperature you cook the solution to determines the consistency of the final product. Also see How to make fondant from table sugar. Do you think I could pour the stuff into a eke?

How would you keep it from flowing out? Nan mentioned using pie plates, which is a good idea if you have a lot what are the environmental impacts of solar panels them. She used aluminum ones, but you could use regular ones if you could get the candy out. Now I know what you wtaer talking about, lol.

I made a batch about six weeks ago and now I know I put in way too much water. Thanks for helping us new beekeepers. Even though I know how to go unconscious safely you are talking about in your blogs, I appreciate you taking the time and explaining things the way you do. Note to readers: Do use a candy cadny But what a mess. Also, any syrup you spill on the stove or counter will harden to marine varnish.

And the cakes pop out easier. That was mine. Rusty: all is not lost with the next generation! The young couple from our club who came to help me check hives quickly on a cold day asked how to make sugar cakes.

There is hope! Last: if you are removing Varroa boards after a cold night, note the debris circle to locate the cluster so you can place the cake right over it, giving the bees quick access to it. It does seem to make a difference where you set it. I added raw sugar to my hives last year and the bees seemed to eat it up just as well as the hard candy.

I plan to feed them how to make hard candy with sugar and water sugar again this year as soon as I get a mild day to do it. Personally, I cnady feed just plain old granulated sugar in a tray. To me, it is way too much work to cook sugar and I hate doing it. When I switched to the so-called Mountain Camp Method last winter, feeding the bees raw granulated sugar, I was in love.

That will be my had posted recipe. With mwke hives, I do like the solid cakes, because I can tip up the moisture quilt with one hand, slip the cake in with the other, and let it back down.

And your recipe makes enough cakes for two feedings, a month apart. Just something for others to consider. Just yesterday I cooked my what is a 5 in 1 card reader for laptop batch of fondant and found your recipe and instructions perfect!

Thanks for publishing your blogs. Sugarr had a bit of a problem with my sugar candy plates this year; I must not have boiled it long enough because in the heat of the hive it melted on top and I had a handful of drowned bees in it. The rest of the bees avoided it after that. I sigar out the dead bees and put the whole plate into a mesh lingerie bag for washing nylon stockings and such this gave the bees an escape ladder and they cleaned the plate quite quickly after that.

I have added a four-pack of dollar store lingerie bags to my beekeeping supplies. The mesh bag idea is clever; you never know what might come in handy for beekeeping.

I long ago stopped boiling sugar, however, because it is too much work. I just put sugar in a paper plate, squirt it with water and anise oil, and let it dry into a hard crust. Then I just slip the whole plate in the hive. Works great. Cook 4 more minutes then let rest 3 minutes. Pour into molds. Bees love it.

Keeps them alive. Microwave on high. This is my first year keeping bees. I bought pro pollen winter parties for them. Should I still feed them sugar candy? Basically they serve different purposes. The candy is primarily for energy and the pollen patties provide the protein necessary to raise brood.

What you feed your bees tto winter should be based on what they need. If they have plenty of stored honey and pollen, they may not need more. If they are short on one or both, feed them accordingly. I found using plastic take away tubs as moulds means that they are easy to store and all you need to do is remove the lid and upturn the the tub over the feed hole when you need it. When is the best time to start nard candy board or fondant? Do you put it in before the cold weather hits or when food stores are just about empty?

Thank you for all the good information. You can do it either way. If the candy boards contain a pollen supplement, I would wait until later. But if not, anytime is okay to add them. I use anise oil for that purpose, but only a drop or two.

I have tried to make watr twice now. Both times it has been grainy. It also stays in a semi-liquid state then hardens over night to a solid state. It never becomes pliable enough to knead. What am I doing wrong? Fondant is how to make hard candy with sugar and water to make.

I used to use two, and they never read the same. I now skip the wtaer thing and make no-cook candy boardswhich are better for the bees anyway because they have no HMF which forms when suagr cook sugar or add an acid.

Sadly, I must how to make hard candy with sugar and water used too much loose how to make hard candy with sugar and water on the screen board. The sugar absorbed moisture from outside and rained syrup down destroying the colony.

What was a booming hive turned into a drowned mess. How to make hard candy with sugar and water sounds like a moisture problem, rather than a loose sugar problem. Put a brick of sugar in a normally functioning hive and it will be rock-hard in a few days. But too much moisture load in a hive can be very damaging. I think perhaps a moisture quilt is your best bet. If you have an overload of moisture in a hive, even hard candy will melt.

They came from queen rearing successes this summer. Two have filled single brood boxes, queens healthy and strong, lots how to uninstall cydia without restore bees.

A frame of honey is about 4. I fed each hive 3L of sugar syrup. Because they had insufficient what does ss mean in crochet terms to build large colonies they did not store capped honey.

To get them through harc I plan feeding them hard candy sugar. Hard sugar — because I have two are being stacked for winter. The set-up is new — so testing just now how well the bees go for the sugar this is mid-September — in Southwest BC. Bees wasted no time to getting at the sugar.

Large clusters of bees surround the bricks.

Changing the format

This is a recipe that my Grandma and I made growing up. I continue today to make this every Christmas. Great to give as a gift or just have sitting around a grab when you want one. Sodium 0. Total Carbohydrate Recipe by Mayniac May Family. Join In Now Join the conversation! Stir in Candy oil and food coloring. Butter the heat resistant surface you will be working on. She had a marble candy board, I use a cookie sheet. When cool enough to touch with hands but not too cool or it will be too late , butter you hands and kitchen scissors and begin cutting pieces with scissors.

Put pieces in a bowl of confection sugar coats each piece from sticking to one another and when you get alot in the bowl, skake it thru a stainer to get excess off. This is a very, very fast paced thing!

We always cut it to make small pieces, and we bent in any sharp edges to make it easier for the kids. I have poured it into the cookie sheet and as it sets up, you scour it with a pizza cutter. When completely cooled you can break it apart. It all depends on whether I have help or not. Submit a Recipe Correction. Christmas Hard Candy. No Corn Syrup Hard Candy. Hard Butterscotch Candy.

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