How to make very sticky glue

how to make very sticky glue

Really Sticky Glue

Aug 07,  · Make sure to check out my older videos and check out my outro to this video describing more information and please comment how I could make my videos better. Jun 12,  · · Direction 1. Pour all the corn syrup and water into the large pot and then put the stove on a stove, set to high heat. 2. Stir the corn syrup and water until they are mixed well. 3. Keep stirring until the consistency of the corn syrup and water solution turn .

The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to vefy you with some nifty extra functionality on the website!

You can how to make very sticky glue use it to keep makr of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser.

Live PTR. Classic TBC. Classic Theme Thottbot Theme. Comments Comment by Easily obtainable at a low level; best to save it and use it in tougher situations. Works wonders in PVP though, like to stop a flag runner :. Comment by Once the glue runs you, you may want to invest in Engineering and get the Net-o-matic.

Once you try the glue in pvp, and it runs out Comment by Thottbot is it possible to make this stuff? Comment by Thottbot It doesn't seem like it. I sure wish it was because it rocks in PvP. Oh well, I think how to make very sticky glue has nets, so they should be pretty similar. Comment by Thottbot Ya, and while you're at it, make you're way over to Brill, and get the quest that gives you 'slumber sand' as a reward vfry.

The looks on peoples faces in PvP when a rogue, net's them with glue, and later puts them to sleep for 20 seconds is priceless.

Comment by Thottbot Horde only, is there an alliance version of this? Comment by Thottbot Because you can farm yours.

We cant. We get 10 and thats it, unless we buy them from how to do the bicycle maneuver. You can get as many as you want long as you put the time into it. Comment by Thottbot Looks like you ve been super stickied or put into vvery with sand :. Comment what causes watery burning eyes Thottbot the large rope nets are yow pain in the ass since they dont stack in the inventory.

Comment by Thottbot lol. I got this from the quest, and knew it would come in handy. Easy to farm If there is a level requirement, then still farm this item, but it will take longer. Comment by Thottbot As of patch 1. Comment by How to make very sticky glue How do you sell this it is soulbound to me. Comment by Thottbot To my dismay this is now bind on pickup in 1. Comment by Thottbot seems to be soulbound now, can't auction. Comment by Thottbot Monsters greater than the intended level for this glue will be highly resistant to the sticky effect: either fully resisted or breaks very quickly.

Comment by Thottbot Can this be used, for example: cast it on a Deviate Stinglash, start taming process Yay it didnt have a chance to kill me so i win! I'm making a troll hunter on Dunemaul verj 2 weeks my new computer is on the way : gimme a holler if you how to make very sticky glue quest together or something. Comment by Thottbot No-brainer upgrade from Netherweave Net.

Lasts more than three times as long! Dunno exactly how the resistances work, but I was able to successfully glue one of Drakkisath's how to make very sticky glue bodyguards in place in Upper Blackrock Spire. Drakkisath himself is immune, however, so don't waste a glue on him like I did. Comment by Thottbot I got this with my Orc hunter, took it Blood Elf starting area and used it in our battle with Lurzan and Knucklerot, two 21 elites, and it worked on them.

I really wish there were some way an Alchemist or Leatherworker glue, think about it It still works at level 60 and beyond, and is wonderful for PVP. To give an example, I was questing in Outlands yesterday when a level 70 hunter bery to try and gank me.

I see him coming, and immediately open up with a fear on him, and net his pet with this. I continue to chain-fear and dot him, and once the net breaks on his pet I use the Gnomish Net-O-Matic on it again. Eventually the hunter is immune to fear but by this time he's getting low on health. He's trying to get into shooting range and his pet breaks free of the net. I deathcoil the pet and intercept the hunter with my felguard veyr he wingclips me.

Next thing you know, dead hunter. Moral of story: This works great on noob wanna be gankers. I was literally seconds away from death when the hunter died, and rooting his pet his pet early on saved my life.

The glue also works well for rooting rogues, warriors and paladins who are mostly lacking in ranged attacks. FYI, I was a 60 demo lock at the time.

The sad thing is, some noob ally warlock killed me immediately after I got gle hunter, but I died with a huge smile on my face :D EDIT: Also good for rooting other players who are trying to get away from you! Can be used in BGs as well. Too bad you only get 10 of them Comment by Allakhazam How to make wood surfboard fins jeez. There goes my free 6g once in awhile! Comment by Allakhazam If its bind on lgue up then you cant give it OR sell it.

What are you guys talking about? They all will just makw 10 of the glue Comment by Allakhazam Anyone tried this one in pve? Comment by Allakhazam If you want to PvP at least semi seriously then this is a must.

Esp for a caster. Think of a mage using this and pumping out what dps? Thats like a free 4k damage, plus it gives cooldowns a chance to end. This item wtfpwns everything. Comment by Allakhazam does anyone know if you can buy this, or better yet, something else that can do the same thing.

As a warrior, other players tend to run and do ran shots, 10 sec is all i need to kill them or run from them if their higher! Comment by Allakhazam is this a repeatable quest? It's a root for non-root classes! Comment by Allakhazam Yea. Too bad its BoP. Comment by Allakhazam This item really helped me out when I was taming pets around my same level on my Hunter. The quest is really simple how to make very sticky glue can be safely completed solo around level 6.

It reduces the amount of damage a Hunter will have to take during the Taming process by keeping the target pet a safe distance away from the Hunter for at least 10 seconds, which is a large help. I highly recommend keeping this handy whenever you are going to change pets are attempt to tame pets close or equal to your level.

Comment by Allakhazam Why stop at lvl 6 just to get the glue? If your gonna farm this with expedible alt characters, then go ahead and farm the slumber sand too, lvl 9 quest. Comment by Wyr3d This stuff comes in handy for hunters too.

I threw a glob at Humar the Pridelord before I started taming him, saved me an extra 10 seconds Comment by Toroid This did not work on mobs during razorgore phase, it said that they were immune. Use mmake only for pvp, that is my only good advice.

Comment by Ghyndui Wondering what the cast time is? View in 3D Find upgrades Quick Facts. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed.

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Avoiding petroleum products means making it myself

Monsters greater than the intended level for this glue will be highly resistant to the sticky effect: either fully resisted or breaks very quickly. Comment by Thottbot Can this be used, for example: cast it on a Deviate Stinglash, start taming process.

However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself!. Glue is the fiber that binds our crafts together. It holds the paper together in our colages and binds our pages together in our homemade books. Glue is what holds the googly eyes onto the fearsome monsters and feathers onto our beautiful birds. Glue is one of the most important ingredients to any homeschool classroom, but did you know that you could easily make it using natural ingredients from your pantry? I definitely didn't realize it was so easy to make it myself.

Part of my journey to a hipper lifestyle has meant trying to cut petroleum products out of my life. This includes all of our craft products. Glue is the first on that list since most glues including Elmer's is made with synthetic petroleum products. Growing up, all of my glue came from an Elmer's bottle or stick.

It was easy to go to the store to purchase whatever we needed for our crafts, so I really had no idea just how easy making your own glue can be. Many of the ingredients used below, have been used in arts and crafts for centuries, and can also be used for many other projects, including making your own paints, watercolors, inks, and more!

This glue is a fantastic waterproof glue when dry, and contains ingredients that you already likely have in your pantry if you aren't vegan. Apply this glue using a paintbrush. Only use this glue while it is warm, as it tends to gel when it cools down. To use this glue after it has cooled down and gelled, warm it back up by placing the jar of glue in a bowl of hot water, until the glue warms and softens.

This glue will store for several months if kept sealed in a jar, and stored in a cool dark location when not in use. This glue can be used on paper for colages of all sorts. This can be made with gluten-free flour blends as well as regular flour. Methyl Cellulose is a vegan-friendly binder that is made from plant fibers. It has been used for centuries to repair delicate books and papers and is even one of the main ingredients in wallpaper paste.

Apply this glue using a paint brush. This glue is NOT waterproof and is best used as a paper glue. Another great vegan-friendly ingredient, gum Arabic also known as gum acacia is harvested in Africa from the bark of acacia trees. This totally green friendly ingredient is a great one to have on hand, not just for glue, but also for paint making including watercolors as well as ink making!

Apply gum Arabic glue using a paintbrush. This glue works great as a great all-purpose paper glue. This glue will store for up to a year, if kept sealed in a jar, and stored in a cool dark location when not in use. Rice paste is a more heavy-bodied type paste, and because it doesn't dry transparent, it's best used underneath papers and objects, where it can't be seen.

This glue will store for several months if kept sealed in a jar if kept sealed in a jar, and stored in a cool dark location when not in use. Christina is passionate about essential oil safety and loves to share her DIY recipes for holistic health, natural beauty, and healthy whole foods cooking!

All information on The Hippy Homemaker is meant for educational and informational purposes only. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Readers are advised to do their own research and make decisions in partnership with their health care provider. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition or are taking any medication, please consult your physician.

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