How to reduce the file size of pictures

how to reduce the file size of pictures

Compress images online

When you don't need every single pixel in an image to get an acceptable version of it, you can compress pictures to make the file size smaller. With your file open in your Microsoft Office application, select the picture or pictures that you want to compress. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click Compress Pictures. Reducing the file size of your picture is easy. This is how you can do it: Upload your image via browsing, drag & drop, using a link or a cloud storage. Afterward, choose the compression rate.4/5.

Have you experienced the frustration of trying to send multiple JPEGs over email, only to get a how to cook nopalitos cactus how to reduce the file size of pictures your attachments are too large?

If you have, then this article is for you. We will guide you through several options you can use to reduce an image size quickly and easily. Microsoft Paint is included on any Windows system, making it an easy go-to when you need to reduce your image file size. Microsoft Paint also offers basic graphic editing tools, and how to reduce the file size of pictures ability to open and save images in most standard formats.

Follow the steps below to quickly reduce the size of your JPEG. Preview is an image and PDF viewer. In addition to letting you view and print images and PDFs files, it can also edit these image formats.

Follow the steps below to resize your image using Preview. The Image Size app allows you to resize an image to whatever size you require. You can specify the output format using pixels, millimeters, centimeters, or inches.

It also lets you preserve the aspect ratio of your image if needed. This app gives you the option of saving, emailing, printing, or sharing the final image. Follow the steps below to get started resizing photos on your iOS device.

This app allows you to easily reduce image size without losing quality. Shutterstock's free image resizer is one of many websites that will assist you in resizing your images. The best part is, you can easily access it from your browser. Follow the steps below to resize your images in seconds. Now, you have several quick and easy ways to resize your images for emailing or uploading, regardless of your platform or device.

Each one of these methods has its advantages, depending on your workflow and the platforms you use. Pick the one that works for you, and start sharing those images! If Adobe's apps are too complex for you, check out these easy-to-use photo editing programs for beginners. Locate the image you wish to resize, right-click it, and select Edit.

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Compress Image Online

Mar 14,  · 2. How to Reduce Image Size Using Preview. Every Mac with OS X or newer has a version of Preview installed on it. Preview is an image and PDF viewer. In addition to letting you view and print images and PDFs files, it can also edit these image formats. It’s a quick and easy way to reduce your image Nicole Mcdonald. Jul 28,  · In the Photos app, there's a "Resize" option hidden in the side menu, which you can use to change the size and quality of an image. In Microsoft Paint, you can click "Resize" .

You can compress images in several ways in Microsoft Word documents to reduce the size of the file. There are built-in Word compression features you can use to make large files smaller but you can also reduce image size before you insert pictures into your documents.

Note: Buttons and Ribbon tabs may display in a different way with or without text depending on your version of Microsoft Word, the size of your screen and your Control Panel settings. For Word users, Ribbon tabs may appear with different names. Do you want to learn more about Microsoft Word?

One of the most common ways to reduce file size is to compress one or all of the pictures in your Word document using Compress Pictures. You may want to try this with one picture at a time to be sure you are satisfied with the result after compression. Select the target output resolution that is most appropriate for the way you want to use the file.

Select E-mail 96 ppi for maximum compression. Use Web ppi if you plan to post your Word document online. Choose Print ppi if you intend to print. HD options such as ppi are available in newer versions for high-definition displays. If a picture has already been compressed, higher-resolution compression options may not be available. Images that are downloaded from the internet may already be compressed so higher-resolution compression options may not be available for an image.

Word compresses pictures by default based on settings in Word Options. If you set the default to a lower resolution, this should reduce file size. Below is the Word Options dialog box with resolution settings in resolutions are different depending on version :. Higher resolution options are not available in older versions of Microsoft Word. When you copy and paste or drag and drop an image into a document, it can lose compression, change file type and also bring in other data that can increase file size.

You also have the option of linking to a picture file by clicking the arrow beside Insert in the Insert Picture dialog box and then choosing Link to File. For example, if you are inserting pictures from a stock photo site, select the lowest resolution possible at the quality level you require. You can also open an image in an image editing program such as Microsoft Picture Manager or Adobe Photoshop and then save it at a lower resolution.

You can save pictures in Word, delete them, and reinsert them into the Word document. When you apply picture effects, including artistic effects, to an image, Word retains two copies of the image the original and a copy with the picture effects.

This allows the user to reset the image but can significantly increase file size. If you have applied picture effects to an image, you can reduce file size using the following method:. In Word , you can insert 3D models which can be very large in size. Although 3D models are not inserted as pictures but rather as 3D models, they are images. One model we inserted took 17 MB of space. You will lose the 3D functionality so you may want to store a copy of the 3D model in another file or a copy of the file.

If you are creating a document with a lot of pictures, you can link to the picture files instead of copying them into your Word document. If you copy hundreds of images into a document, Word may crash if it hits the memory limit for Office so consider linking instead. Did you find this article helpful? If you would like to receive new articles, join our email list.

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