How to say yours in spanish

how to say yours in spanish

How do you end a spanish letter, sincerely, from etc?

Translate Yours. See 4 authoritative translations of Yours in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. More Spanish words for yours. suyo pronoun. his, own, theirs, hers, their. tuyo pronoun. thine. suya pronoun.

Look at this table to learn about Pronombre posesivo. The CD of Alejandro Sanz is mine. The ham croquettes were mine. Elsa says that that pair of jeans is yours. Estos eay rojos son tuyos. These red socks are yours. Yo creo que tk libro de ruso no es suyo. I think that hhow Russian book is not his. El collar tp perro es suyo.

The dog's collar belongs to it. Las bicicletas no eran suyas. The bicycles were not hers. That tuna sandwich was not yours. Esta casa no es suya. This house is not yours. Estos cuadernos no eran suyos. Esa moto es muy cara y es nuestra. That motorbike is very expensive and it's ours. No eran nuestros boletos, sino vuestros. They weren't our tickets, but yours.

In Spanish, suyo, suya, suyos and suyas can refer to six different owners spanush. Mis libros son muy interesantes. My books are very interesting. See also Spahish posesivo. Want to make sure your Spanish sounds confident? Start your Braimap today ». How to say mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours and theirs possessive pronouns. Add to Notebook 7 questions. Este regalo es tuyo. Este regalo es el tuyo. This present is yours. What does the albanian flag mean article "el" reinforces the possession.

Este regalo es nuestro. Este regalo es el nuestro. This present is ours. This present is our present. In Spanish, suyo, suya, suyos and suyas can refer to six different owners : he she it you [usted] you [ustedes] they You need to how to say yours in spanish out the owner by the context. It is not gours to use any of these possessive pronouns in front of a noun! Find your Spanish level. Learn more about these related Spanish grammar topics. Pronombre Pronombre posesivo. Examples and resources.

No es nuestro calendariowhat to use as a lip plumper vuestro. It is not our calendar, but yours. No es vuestro sombreroes el nuestro. It is not your hat, it how to say yours in spanish ours. Aunque tengo una casa muy lujosa, prefiero la vuestra.

Although I have a very luxurious house, I prefer yours. Your papers were not easy to understand, but ours were. No eran nuestras pulserassino las vuestras. They weren't hoow bracelets, but yours. Las mesas no eran de Marta, sino nuestras. The tables were not Marta's, but ours.

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Mi, tu and su do not change for gender. So yes, as we’ve seen above, “his,” “her,” “their,” formal “your” and “its” are all the same word in Spanish: su. As with vosotros (the plural informal you), vuestro / vuestra is not used in Latin America; su is used instead. . How to say your in Spanish. your. Spanish Translation. tu. More Spanish words for your. su pronoun. his, its, their, her. sus pronoun. Using esto, este, esta, estos, estas to say "this", "this one" and "these ones" (demonstrative pronouns) Using el que, la que, los que, las que = the one/ones who/that (relative pronouns) Silvia Piriz.

Log in Sign up. A pronoun is a word that stands in for a noun e. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine like la mujer or la luna or masculine like el hombre or el sol. How are you? That's my glass. This is yours. Ese es mi vaso. Este es el tuyo. Excuse me, sir. Is that jacket on the chair yours? These are my books, guys. Yours are on the table. Estos son mis libros, chicos.

Regionalism used in Spain. These toys are ours. Yours are in the other room. Estos juguetes son nuestros. Unlock More Translations for Free. Learn more with unlimited dictionary access.

Sign up for free today. My world has laws and a code, just like yours. You let me walk, and half of this is yours. Me dejaste caminar, y la mitad de esto es tuyo. This is the rest of his life and yours. Este es el resto de su vida y la tuya.

Kim Sunwoo, do you think the world is all yours? You can't steal my life and pretend that it's yours. No puedes robarte mi vida y pretender que es tuya. I am yours. I'm yours. Is this yours? Is it yours? I wanna be yours. I am all yours. Translate yours using machine translators. Have you tried it yet? Here's what's included:. Word of the Day.

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