How to use a paint trim edger

how to use a paint trim edger

The 7 Best Paint Edgers of 2021

Oct 28,  · The edger keeps paint off the trim, and this video shows you how to use one. Using a trim guard while painting around doors and windows helps protect woodwork. The edger keeps paint off the trim. Jul 18,  · You will move the edger up and down on the tray, like you would a paint roller, until you have just the right amount of paint on the edger, the picture below could use a little less paint, but it still worked. This is an essential part because too much paint will get everywhere, and then edger will not work the way you hope.

Toolbox Advice is an online resource. How to use a paint trim edger an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying how to use a paint trim edger. Ever wondered how to use a paint edger? They can be difficult to use for beginners but once you get the hand of them they can sue you a lot of time.

While, having just finished a project where I used a paint edger around my floor boards and window trim, I wanted to take the time to break down my process for you.

Hopefully with this guide how to solve two step equations with division can learn how to update your cutting-in process and shave some time off your project. As well as achieve a high quality paint finish, a pro would be proud of!

First off we will give you a quick run down on how the typical paint edger works than we will dive into paimt step-by-step process on how to use it yourself. Your typical paint edger will have a pad with bristles on it and two wheels on one side of the unit. The idea is, you load up the tool with paint and align the wheels and pad along the edge of the respective trim or moulding you want to paint.

Once you have the unit prepped and in place you slide the unit along the trim applying the paint. This if done properly allows the paint edger to apply a straight line of paint guided by the wheels along the trim how to use a paint trim edger edge. Make sure to read until the end as we will provided a couple suggestions on paint edgers worth checking out. When using a paint edger the tool is everything and their are a couple different types of paint edgers out there to choose from.

Both of these paint edgers differ slightly in how they work, but are solid and will help you get the job done.

Before you begin painting, what does the word setting mean with a paint brush, now, roller or paint sprayer make sure that you prep your area.

This means laying down a drop cloth to prevent any paint spillage from wrecking your now and taping off any areas that you think may need it. Once you have acquired the hwo supplies you can get started on your set-up.

This is relatively simple. I typically uses the paper plate to hold the paint makes painh easy clean up and the rolling tray to remove any excess paint. This step is straightforward, first place your paint edger in your plate with paint and ensure it is liberally coated.

Once the paint edger is coated painr the ridges on your rolling painnt to remove any excess paint. Now that the edger is ready for painting you can align it with your trim and roll, making sure to keep a steady hand so the paint goes on evenly.

Time you would of had to spend taping out your area and cutting-in manually with a paint brush or roller. Though this may be the last step for the most part their are a couple additional steps I wanted to touch on.

This just involves repeating the steps above until you have achieved your desired finish. Our team would like pzint note though that you should ensure you are giving each coat enough time to dry between each application. This ensures your paint application will last for years to come pxint not bubble or flake off. While not so fast. Before you call it a day make sure to give your a tool a good cleaning.

Just like cleaning your brushes or rollers after use, this will ensure you can use your edger for future projects and not have to go but a replacement pad or unit.

It should really only take a couple minutes under some hot water with soap or paint thinner to get the paint edger back to new again. And thats really how to use a paint trim edger their is to it when using edgre edger.

The key to success is taking painr time, following a process and making sure to pwint apply your paint. That means you need to ensure you prep you area and paints first. Ecger up your paint edger properly with the right amount of paint and ensure your coats are even and not to thin. This will give you a final finish that will ttrim it look like a professional took time with a paint brush and painters tape. Ryan is a writer for ToolboxAdvice. He's been a hobbyist and painter for a long time, and now enjoys teaching others.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gain access to deals straight from our Toolbox and be one of the first to get our new articles, guides, and reviews. How to Use a Paint Edger Guide. By Glen Wright Updated: August 13, Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. Erger on reddit. How Paint Edgers Work Your typical paint edger will have a pad paibt bristles on it and two wheels on one side of the unit. Shur-Line Edger Tool Use a Paint Edger in 5 Steps When using a paint edger the tool is everything and their are a couple different types of paint edgers out there to choose from.

Prep Your Painting Area Before you begin painting, whether with a paint brush, edger, roller or paint sprayer make sure that you prep your area. Paint Desired Areas photo credits www. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Stay up to painnt Toolbox Advice.

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. But while these devices are simple, there are a lot of choices on the market, so we did the heavy work for you by sorting through the best paint edgers available today. Here are the best paint edgers for a wide variety of needs. Painting the ceiling can be challenging, but with the Shur-Line Edger Plus Premium and your favorite sturdy paint extension pole, you can quickly and easily get perfectly cut lines around the edges; no more frustrating spots of paint on the walls.

Once attached to your extension pole, the edger easily pivots or swivels as needed, making it a breeze to work your way around air vents or lighting fixtures. Painting high walls presents a predicament: You either need to balance your paint pan on your ladder, or you need to step down to reload the roller or brush with paint every time it runs dry.

However, the Wagner Smart Edge Roller eliminates both scenarios, and instead, holds up to six ounces of paint right in the handle, letting you cover up to 96 feet before needing a refill. And once you finish the project, the roller is washable and reusable, so it will be ready the next time you need to paint. It can be tough getting a clean, straight line on a textured wall.

A foam pad between the two halves of the plastic guard keeps paint flowing smoothly over the brush bristles, even on rough surfaces, textured walls, or popcorn ceilings.

Sometimes, all you need is an inexpensive paint edger for a small painting project or to touch up scuffs or other damage on an already painted wall. For those times, the Whizz Painter Edger is inexpensive enough to toss without regrets once the job is finished—although the pads are replaceable if you want to keep the edger for future use—yet it still applies paint smoothly and quickly, leaving no lint or track marks behind.

On the downside, you cannot attach an extension pole to the edger, and the small handle is not as easily or comfortably grasped as the handle of other paint edgers featured here.

Instead of the usual rectangle, this ingenious device has a V-shaped head with just enough swivel to easily reach into corners and lay a smooth, neat application of paint without seamlines, gaps, or drips.

Attach an extension pole to reach corners way up high or grasp the ergonomic handle when working down low. Most paint edgers are flat rectangular pads, which do a fine job, but require slow and careful work. Some painters, however, are in a hurry. The rollers are washable and reusable. The Shur-Line Paint Edger Pro view at Amazon solves the annoying problem of wheels tracked with paint by letting you flip the wheels out of the way while dipping the pad into your paint tray.

That, along with its smooth performance and mess-free pad ejection feature make it our top choice. There are two basic types of paint edger: those with pads and those with rollers. Paint edgers with pads basically smear on the paint; the pads are fabric with a bit of texture, so you dip the pad into the paint and then slide it across the wall.

Paint edgers with rollers are much like full-size paint rollers; a flocked roller rotates as you move it across the wall. As a general rule, pads are less expensive than rollers, but pads are likelier to leave lines in the fresh paint. Ideally, your paint edger glides along the wall without catching or dragging. Most—but not all—paint edgers have an attachment point for an extension pole. Most paint edgers are fairly small, but some are larger than others.

If you have lots of wall to cover, however, a larger edger will shorten your worktime. Here are the basic steps to using your paint edger correctly:. The cheapest paint edgers are disposable; use for one paint job and then toss. But paint edgers with replaceable pads can last through quite a few paint jobs if cleaned thoroughly between each use.

This article was written by Michelle Ullman , the tool expert for The Spruce. She has extensive experience not only in writing about all things related to the home, but also in carrying out various DIY projects, including landscaping, painting, flooring, wallpapering, furniture makeovers, and simple repairs.

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Measure content performance. Develop and improve products. List of Partners vendors. The 7 Best Paint Edgers of Create a perfectly painted edge with ease. Written by. Michelle Ullman. Michelle Ullman has written hundreds of articles on home decor since She's a self-taught decor expert who contributes to several publications.

Learn about The Spruce's Editorial Process. Our Top Picks. Best Overall:. Best for Ceilings:. Best for High Walls:. Best for Textured Walls:. Best Budget:. Best for Corners:. Best Roller:. In This Article Expand. Our Picks. What to Look For. Why Trust the Spruce. Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart. The 8 Best Paint Rollers. Buy on Walmart Buy on Home Depot.

The 10 Best Paints for Interior Walls of Buy on Amazon Buy on Emeryedgers. Best Budget: Whizz Painter Edger. Buy on Lowe's. The 8 Best Paint Brushes. Final Verdict The Shur-Line Paint Edger Pro view at Amazon solves the annoying problem of wheels tracked with paint by letting you flip the wheels out of the way while dipping the pad into your paint tray.

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