Learn how to play kiss the rain on piano

learn how to play kiss the rain on piano

Yiruma - Kiss The Rain Piano Tutorial

Feb 22,  · Learn how to play "Kiss The Rain" by Yiruma!Click here for PART 2 and start your FREE TRIAL today!likeloveall.comSCRIBE HERE for more of our Famous HY. Yiruma - Kiss The Rain Piano Tutorial "Kiss the Rain" was originally written for the Korean (Yiruma's place of birth) Drama "A Moment To Remember". Alongside with "May Be" and "River Flows in You" (First Love), this is the most famous piece by the composer.

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Kiss The Rain. Next Start Over. Wolfgang Amadeus M Sonata No. Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance No Frederic Chopin Funeral March Son Good job with Lessson 3, Chorus. Restart Lesson More Lessons. Start from Ipano Session. Wiz Kahlifa. See you again. Tip: Individual hand practice. Start Over. Wiz Khalifa. See you again asd asd asd asd asd asds asd asd asd ads. Taylor Swift. Blank Space. Player Settings. Start Lesson 1. Start Lesson 2. Start Lesson 3.

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Do you want to learn how to play the piano professionally? Please check out this link:likeloveall.com Yiruma - Kiss the rain Cover (Easy-to-learn Piano. 4/4 Arpeggio Chill Circle Of Fifths Cocktail Hour Diatonic Elevator Expert Mode ii-V Inversions Key change Kiss The Rain Modal Interchange New Age Secondary Dominant Seventh Chords Syncopation Tensions SHOW MORE TAGS. More Info. Learn how to play Kiss The Rain by Yiruma on the piano! Follow along with your teacher Dan in the best tutorial. Yiruma is one of the biggest names in contemporary piano composition. His song "Kiss the Rain" is guaranteed to make any listener reflect honestly on their life in a way that few songs ever have been, and in this video you'll learn how to play the whole thing on piano.

Home Help Search. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Down. Kiss the rain as first song to learn - stupid move? Read times. So i just got my piano, and im considering to learn Kiss the Rain - Yiruma as the first song ever, on my piano, is this doable within a month?

Member Posts: Not stupid at all. The best pieces to start learning is always the ones you want to learn. I've only ever learnt how to play the songs I love, and skip the boring classical pieces that I don't like.

I'll give you a real life example of my cousin. An absolute beginner who only picked up the piano to learn one song, yes just one. In order to impress his girl friend, and eventually married her and played that one song at his wedding. He skipped through all basic piano theory and doesn't even know how to play chords. But he has learnt how to play a piece of song that he only wanted to learn.

If he can do it, you can too. Best of Luck! Ichky P. S: Check out my videos on www. I don't see the problem in starting off with something you want to play. I started that way too, from Billy Joel the sole reason I started playing! My point is, if you keep playing, you will probably eventually change your interests and there's no one who will force you to keep playing yiruma for the rest of your life because you started with one of his pieces.

With huge projects like music and piano playing it's best to just start instead of wasting time looking for a "perfect" start. Thanks for the replies, i was just wondering if ksis the rain was too hard of an piece, to actually learn as a beginner.

Atm i went back to my original starting piece - robbie williams - feel, i learned the right hand, but got dismotivated from trying to learn the left hand because i think its really hard, but i guess ill just keep on trying!!

If you find it hard to play the original, there is nothing stopping you from playing a simplified improvisation version of it. I play by ear, and I always simplify my playing so that it can be taught to novices.

But if you want to improve it is recommended that you eventually go back to trying the original again once you become confident enough again. Kiss the Rain is easy believe it or not. Pages: [ 1 ] Go Up.

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