Pokemon platinum how to get jirachi without cheats

pokemon platinum how to get jirachi without cheats

How To Get Jirachi In Pokemon Platinum?

Feb 28,  · **NO CHEATS INVOLVED**How to get Jirachi for DPP through Gamestop between February 27th and March 13th, Very quick, very easy. This video explains/show. Then fly to canalave and try to enter the harbor inn, it won't let you but then go talk to the sailor and sail to fullmoon island and wait at that dried out patch that is lighter than all of the other grass and press A twice then go to canalave and go to some grass with pokemon in it, walk around and Jirachi will appear, battle him with Mr. Mime/Jirachi and defeat the real Jirachi, when the battle is over it will say: .

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Anonymous answered. There is a much easier way LISTEN TO ME go to jubilife city tv station and go to the 3rd floor and in the lower part of the room talk to the guy on the left, he will ask what you think of tv say everyone happy, then he will ask something else, say Wifi connection, he will then tell you about a mystery gift, save and go to the main menu where you select game file, it should say MYSTERY GIFT pick that and pick wifi connection in which you need a wifi connection and you will recieve jirachi!

You sir just wasted my valuable time. I got one yerterday from big w on my pokemon diamond, platinum and heart gold. You don't catch jirachi in pokemon platinum you migrate.

Jirachi came out on wi-fi today that is the 1st july Hey I herd theres a new pokemon event going on until march 13th or something try that. Go to mystry gift go to wireless put yes make a wish with jirachi but you have to have a pokedex go to any poke mart talk yo the guy in the green and he would give you jirachi go to gamstop have a space open for him :O thats how to get jirachi thxs for this.

To catch jirachi you need the action replay our use the pal park. Go to gamestop and ask them that is how I got mine. Never use action replay it doesnt work it messed up my ds Migrate from Emerald 1 get mystery gift 2 get the eon ticket 3 go to your dad 4 go to the shipyard. If any body can tell me a way to catch jirachi,mew,mewtwo,the regis and deoxys.

I will be happy. If you don't know give me the action replay code for them. Do you people have any real ways cause so far people say they get no results plus I can't waist time so give me something with no ar required. Ok right none of these answers are right the easiest way to get it is by migrating it you stupid idiots. None of the answers that have a ridiculously long list of tasks are real.

Only the ones saying action replay or gamestop but not gamestop anymore. On july 4th use mystery gift anywere and it will say make a wish with jirachi and you say yes. Go to Gamestop Feb If you buy pokemon collesseum bounus disc then you can get jirachi from it. Once you do, trade to one of the GBA series then migrate it to platinum.

Check back at www. Set Masterballs' quantity to the National number of the pokemon you want. Talk to him once on the left, then walk around him and talk to him on the right side. Talk to him 4 times, awnser NO every time to his questions. Go onto the water leaving from the middle of the bridge, on the end and go up 2 spaces, left 4, right 2, down 3, up 3. If not the do this agagin. MAX 5 times. At the gamestop by where I live there is a sign that tells you how to get a Jirachi.

You go to the TV Station, go to the 3rd floor, and talk to the guy that asks questions. There is certain answers. If you say those answers he'll say that he will give you a mystery gift.

Then save. You got a Jirachi. There is a way I'm not sure though all you have to do is catch all the pokemon in the sinnoh dex make there is a little pokeball sign next to it on the sinnoh dex speak to professor rowan he will ask you which thing you want out of a list chooose jirachi because you are able to wish for any pokemon or item with wish outside of battle and every 2 levels it will learn wish again.

I really got a best way on how to get jyrachi! First when you get the national dex from Prof. Oak, you go to canalave city, then sail over to iron island and battle pokemon, and then, jyrachi will appear at I don't know, but mabey lv 50 or something.

However, you need to make sure you catch Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres first to get started on facing pokemon in iron island. It really works, but I don't really have jyrachi quite yet : Hope it pokemon platinum how to get jirachi without cheats :. Action replay dudes or trade it with a friend for about 2 seconds then goto the gts with a feebas then trade it for one tada it worked for me 4 times and I bet more note you must have a jirachi in your pokedex.

You can not see if there is a code to get Jirachi! Get all the legionaries. On your what to do for really bad headaches time catch it. Catch a Mr. Mime in the grass outside of Canalave City, when you catch it, nickname it Jirachi, level it up to exactly level 43, then go to the Old Chateau and wait for the girl to appear in the kitchen, and when she comes wait for her to leave then go up to the creepy painting and look at it then leave the Old Chateau.

Then fly to canalave and try to enter the harbor inn, it won't let you but then go talk to the sailor and sail to fullmoon island and wait at that dried out patch that is lighter than all of the other grass and press A twice then go to canalave and go to some grass with pokemon in it, walk around and Jirachi will appear, battle him with Mr.

He will evolve into a level 44 real Jirachi, have fun!!!! Go and talk to your Mum how to qualify for debt consolidation heal your pokemon 3 times exit the house and go to the little patch of water pokemon platinum how to get jirachi without cheats the bottom of the town.

Surf around the edge 7 times then go and talk to your rivals Mum. Then go to the sign in the middle of the town and stand in front of it and fly to Sandgem town. Read how to weave a basket out of magazines sign 2 times and walk down to the patch of water and Jirachi should be floating over it.

Press A to battle it, make sure you have regular pokeballs since it is only able to be caught with one. It is level 70 so make sure you have stronger pokemon in your party but not so strong so you will defeat it as you can only do this battle once or Jirachi never returns even if you repeat the instructions above.

You ppl you have pokemon platinum how to get jirachi without cheats move around the snow point temple for steps and then leave to canalave city. There you go to half moon island and there will be a patch of light grass. Press double A when you reach the spot and Jirachi will appear lvl Around February 27th to March 4th it should be given away free at gamestop.

Can anyone mix records with me if you can coz I want a darkrai and I tryed to get the member card over wifi it didnt work for me help me out!! Please oh and jirachi that is a cool pokemon I have it to. First go to professor rowan. Talk to him 17 times.

After that once you get out of his lab fly how to update bios with flash drive hearthome.

He will talk about the amity square. Go into the west gate right above him. Go up to the pikachu in front of the girl. Talk to it 17 times. Enter the amity square and run to the man with a pikachu and talk to that pikachu 17 times and leave amity square.

Then go to the church I'm hearthome. Go inside. If there is no music then you have done everything right so far. Talk to the woman at the front pokemon platinum how to get jirachi without cheats the glass. Then talk to the guy on the left of her and then to the guy on the right. Talk to him then leave. Fly to veilstone and down to spring path you go. Go into turn back cave and go to the entrance of the distortion world. Jirachi should be in front of it. This wont mess up your game or anything, its just a glitch I found.

Jirachi will be pokemon platinum how to get jirachi without cheats level He is awesome! Answer Question. Connect Connect Connect.

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To create this article, 20 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more More useful, however is it's powerful assortment of Psychic attacks. Jirachi can be very difficult to obtain, and outside of special events which have all long since passed , you can only get it in a few specific ways. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and private browsers. Please log in with your username or email to continue.

No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Method 1 of You will need to have one open space in your party in order to receive Jirachi. Once your party is configured correctly, shut down the Game Boy. You must use the special adapter cable that will allow the two systems to be connected.

Start the Bonus Disc. You will be taken to the main menu of the Bonus Disc. Wait for the transfer. Once you select the Jirachi item in the menu, you will be prompted to connect your Game Boy. You will see some loading screens on both the GameCube and the Game Boy. The transfer will take about 30 seconds. Use your new Jirachi. Once the transfer is complete, Jirachi will be in your party and ready to use!

If you start a new game, you can use it again. Method 2 of In order to access Jirachi, you will need to watch all of the programming, which will give you the Starlight Projector. This will let you go to Camp Starlight, where you can watch the Pichu Movie. In order to get Jirachi on your game, you will need to have beaten the Elite 4. This essentially means that you have beaten the game.

You will need a free space in your party before you can receive Jirachi. Professor Oak will appear, and then Jirachi will show up. After a short introduction movie, click Yes to begin the transfer. You will be warned that the Elite 4 need to be beaten before transferring Jirachi.

Click Yes again to proceed. You will be asked if you have space in your party for Jirachi. Click Yes once they are connected. Turn on the power for the Game Boy when prompted.

Wait for the transfer to complete. This should only take a few seconds. You will see an image of Jirachi on your Game Boy screen. Turn the Game Boy off when prompted. Method 3 of Add the Jirachi code to your Action Replay. You can use your computer to quickly enter the code into the Action Replay. This will be a lot easier than typing it using the onscreen keyboard. Empty your party. Jirachi will be added to the second slot in your party, so empty your party for the moment to avoid conflicts.

This will create a level 5 Jirachi in your party. Remember to empty your party each time. You have to enter it as a cheat code in an action replay, usually in an emulator, but it can be done on an actual GBA. Yes No. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Tommy Campbell. You trade for one on the GTS or with another player. If you have what the other player wants, voila, your very own Jirachi.

Not Helpful 10 Helpful Action replay is a cheat system sold separately. You can visit their site to purchase one and you basically enter codes into the action replay which cause changes in the game, like turning a Pokemon into a Jirachi, for example.

It's not for everyone as these Pokemon are not "legit" and might be blocked for use in trades or with the Pokebank. That said, a lot of my hacked Pokemon made it through the checks.

As long as the moves on that Pokemon are legit, and that Pokemon is able to be shiny, it tends to pass the check. A few different checks are done to determine if it's legit but it's up to you to take the risk. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 9. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 5.

Usually event Pokemon come in a cherish ball and can't be traded over the GTS, but some people have hacked them and introduced them to the GTS. So you'll have to consider whether you mind that it could be hacked. Not Helpful 9 Helpful 8. Unless you use cheat codes. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 8. Are any of these methods good for getting a shiny Jirachi, and if so, what are the odds? Dillon Richardson. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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