What disney character am i

what disney character am i

Which Disney Character Are You?

Which Disney character am I? Find out now! 1/10 Pick somewhere to live In the ocean In a toy box In a castle On the beach 2/10 What's for dinner? Ice lollies for everyone! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Do you have plankton? Shrimps on the barbie! 3/10 Favourite colour? Pink. Mar 18,  · Which Disney Character are you? Have you ever wondered if you were like a Disney Character like Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse? Created by Jenna McKenney On Mar 18, Do you have a pet? Nope but I wish I did. DUH yes!! What do you like to do for fun? Clean. Fly on a Magic Carpet. Sing. Explore. Read. Do you like to help other people?

This is it. The big one. What are you waiting for? Your life begins now:. Quiz: Which Whzt Character are You? Part 1. Rachel Berman. Jungle Cruise. Thunder Mountain. Toad's Wild Ride. Snow White's Scary Adventure. Pirates of the Caribbean. Matterhorn Bobsleds. Haunted Mansion. Four Dozen. Five Dozen. No Idea. Who's Gaston? Choose the smoothest course. Take my own path. Gus Gus. Timothy Q. Basil of Baker Street. Mickey Mouse. Grandmother Willow. Jack Sparrow.

A hunk of cheese. A dead star. None of the above. Rainbow Sprinkles. Chocolate Sauce. Whipped Cream. Fight Back. Make a Joke. Stay Level-Headed. Bone Structure. Shove it! People Mover. Jungle Cruise Disnfy. Private Jet. Doom Buggie. Lizzie McGuire. Kim Possible. Goof Troop. Magic Mirror. Magic Wand. Magic Glowing Flower.

Magic Lamp. The cisney Morally Unsound. The Caribbean. The Bayou. Lemon Water. Orange Juice. You're Aladdin! Dare we call you a diamond in the rough? Take this quiz again! You're Belle! You're Elsa! Though you can be introverted, you love sisney your whole heart would do anything for your family.

You're Anna! You're Olaf! You're Hercules! Some of your strength comes from your muscles, but how to hand sew a fleece blanket comes from your kindness. You're Maleficent! You're Mary Poppins!

What can we say? You're Jack Sparrow! You're Mulan! You have all the strength of a raging fire, and all the kindness of a great typhoon. You're Rapunzel! The world is yours to explore and you greet charcter with a smile. You're Charqcter You're Simba! You're Mickey Mouse!

A classic through and through. You're Stitch! You live in a groovy world all your own. Share this article. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. See Comments. What disney character am i do you think? Your Facebook name, profile photo and other personal information you make public on Facebook e.

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You're Aladdin!

Apr 25,  · This In-Depth Personality Test Will Reveal Which Disney Character You Are With % Accuracy. When will my reflection show which Disney character I am insiiiiiiiide?

Your Mickey Mouse you love helping other people and you are the one person that people can talk to. You love Minnie Mouse! Your Minnie Mouse you have a warm heart, you care about others. You love bows and if your in trouble she is the person to talk to. You love Mickey Mouse! Your Cinderella your very kind, you do not like how other people treat you. Your stepmother turns you into a servant but you end up with a prince and a fairy godmother! Your Ariel, you are a mermaid and your dad is the king of Alantica, even though your dad has certain rules you always find away around them.

Your best friends are Sebastian, Flounder and Scuttle. You fall in love with Eric! Your Jasmine, you are a very nice person, you care for other people. Your friends are Rahj, Abu. You fall in with Aladdin! Your Belle your a very nice person, you love books, you always see the best in everyone!

Your friends with talking objects. You fall in love with a beast! Your Pocahontas, your a Indian, your nice and you always follow your heart and dreams. Your friend is meeko and you first fall in love with John Smith then with John Ralfe!

Your Snow White, your very nice, you try to see the best in everyone. Your friends are the seven dwafs! You fall in love with a prince! Which Disney Character are you? Created by Jenna McKenney. Do you have a pet? Nope but I wish I did. DUH yes!! What do you like to do for fun? Fly on a Magic Carpet. Do you like to help other people? Have you ever went to a ball? Do you talk to animals?

What is your favorite color? I have no clue. Do you believe in love at first site? Do you have a warm heart? Did you ever lose you shoe? Yes all the time. Mickey Mouse. Minnie Mouse. Snow white. Facebook Comments.

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