What does aqui mean in spanish

what does aqui mean in spanish

What does "por aqui" mean?

An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or other adverbs (e.g. to run quickly, very tired). adverb. 1. (indicating place) a. here. Me siento muy tranquilo aqui en el jardin.I feel very calm . English words for aqui include here, hither, over here and on here. Find more Spanish words at likeloveall.com!

For many people learning Spanish, one of the most interesting topics is picking up slang expressions. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, Chido is an adjective that describes something or someone is good, nice, cool or beautiful. As a native speaker, I can tell you that this word is very important and frequently used in informal conversations. So if you want to surprise your Mexican friends or you just want to improve your Spanish, keep reading so you know when and how to use this word.

As mentioned above, Chido describes that an object, situation or a person is nice, cool, beautiful or hot attractive, if talking about a girl. However, it can be a little more confusing than that. In a verbal conversation, young Mexicans use this word to show agreement, to thank or to express displeasure.

As you can see, Chido is a very robust adjective. And by robust, I mean that it has many meanings depending on the situation and the verbs you use with it. It is exclusive to Mexican vocabulary. So far we know that when describing a person, object or situation, Chido works as an adjective. This means it needs to be accompanied by what does aqui mean in spanish verb.

It would be used in a manner like this:. In Mexico we use Chido to describe that people are nice and to do so, we use the following structure. That guy is nice! Mis amigos son how to come up clean on a drug test chidos My friends are very cool.

Pay attention to the structure because there is a slight change. La fiesta a la que fui estuvo muy chida The party I went to was very cool. Wait… so why do we use Ser for some situations and Estar for other ones?

Oh, the eternal struggle between Ser and Estar. No doubt that these Spanish verbs can be a real headache. Remember that the essence or what does aqui mean in spanish is unlikely to change. Therefore, we use ser. When using Chido we are able to see the big difference between these two verbs. Esa chava es muy chida That girl is very nice. The same what does aqui mean in spanish applies when describing a situation or an object. The weather can be nice today, but tomorrow, who knows?

If you want to avoid these awkward situations, you should learn how to use them correctly. Boys use it with this intention more than girls. Like I said before, chido is a chameleon of a word.

We use it in multiple situations, with its meaning changing on a whim. We already saw how to use it when describing a person, situation or an object. To an outsider, it may be difficult to interpret initially. The best way to understand the meaning is through signals including:. We use it to express a positive how to merge two videos together on iphone about the situation. How cool that you are going to France!

As we say, chido is a very useful word, but in Mexico, we have more phrases you can use to substitute chido with. So here we have some equivalent phrases you can use:. Use it to describe a cool or nice object or situation. The movie we watched was very good! Es buena onda — The direct translation would be cool or nice. Use it only to describe people. Tu hermana es muy buena onda Your sister is very nice. It expresses a positive opinion about the situation. Are you going on a trip? Below are the expressions that other countries use.

As far as I know, these phrases are used to describe something or somebody cool or nice. In this article, you learned what Chido means and how to use it like a Mexican! To further increase your slang vocabulary, we what does aqui mean in spanish similar phrases that you can employ in conversation.

It can be used either for people, pets or objects. Learning Spanish is not all about memorizing grammar rules and tenses. In fact, you can also learn fun and common vocabulary that will help you sound more natural among other speakers. For example, Without a doubt, Pimsleur is one of the most popular learning language courses. As a result, I wanted to review their Spanish course to see how effective it is and provide you with a full rundown of Skip to content.

Continue Reading. Tu amigo: Si tienes problemas, yo puedo ayudarte. Yo te digo si necesito algo. You: Thanks. In informal situations, you can use Chido to say thank you. As shown in the example, the context is the only thing that establishes the meaning. No olvides los snacks. Tu amigo: Chido. You: The party is going to start at Your friend: Okay. No te vuelvo a pedir un what does aqui mean in spanish otra vez. Your friend: Can I borrow your jacket? You: No way. The last time you used it, you tore it up.

Your friend: Fine. Tu amigo: Mis vacaciones estuvieron bien. Your friend: My vacation was great. I visited a lot of places. Which one was your favorite?

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aqui esta. A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time). ?Donde deje mi paraguas? ?Ah, aqui esta!Where did I leave my umbrella? Oh, here it is! ?Donde se habra metido Rebeca? - ?Aqui esta!Where on earth is Rebeca? - Here she is! ?Preguntan por el . phrase. 1. A word of phrase used to refer to the second person informal “tu” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g. How are you?). (informal) (general) a. you're here. No puedo creer que estas aqui. English words for por aqui include here, around, this way, hereabouts, about and hereabout. Find more Spanish words at likeloveall.com!

Asked by Wiki User. It means to come here. Say you are in a park and you want your children to come. Alumnas aqui means "students here" in Spanish. Aqui Ah kee means : here. English: I am here. Spanish: Yo estoy aqui. Se Vende Aqui means "for sale here" in Spanish. Is this here. It means 'here'.

Translation: firmly here. They probably said 'aqui' which means 'here'. It's Spanish for 'I have more here'. It means "the spring is here". It is Yo no era esta aqui. It has an accent on the i in aqui. No aqui. It isn't Spanish. Try Portuguese. Traduccion: Ven por aqui. Ask Question. Spanish Language and Culture. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. What does the spanish phrase alumnas aqui mean? What does aqui mean in spanish?

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