What does ha mean in hawaiian

what does ha mean in hawaiian

78 Hawaiian Slang Words and Pidgin Phrases You’ll Want to Know

Jan 01,  · The term hapa is commonly used to describe a person who is part white, and part another race, usually Asian. However in Hawaiian, the word means “half” or “part” and was originally used to refer to someone who was part Hawaiian, part another race. . Apr 07,  · Hawaii Reopens to Tourism Things to know about visiting a reopening Hawaii Pre-Travel Testing Program now allows the bypass of quarantine Last Updated: April 7, , at pm HST Undoubtedly, many visitors have been keeping a close eye on Hawaii and its process of reopening to visitors and tourists.

Roaches, specifically the big kind that can fly. A casual way to refer to somebody, short for brother or braddah. A lot, plenty. Get choke trash in here. To steal, stealing. She forgot her da kine on the couch.

Fart, to fart. Ho cousin, did you fut? Food or a meal. Hana hou! Something that is messed up, crooked, disorderly or needs to be fixed. To cruise around, wander without direction. What you call someone or something that is being irritating or a nuisance. I going take one nap. Translated from the Hawaiian language, keiki refers to a child, or children.

A Hawaiian word for thanks, gratitude or to thank. Hawaiian phrase for oceanside, or near the ocean. I swear I was on the makai side of the parking lot. Often used to give directions or to locate where someone or something is.

Hawaiian word for tasty, delicious and savory. So the literal translation would be numbing tabacco. The Hawaiian word, which literally means to slice, or cut, wood or fish into crosswise pieces, is often used to describe sliced, or cubed, fish that is ready for consumption. A how to cut wallpaper into corners bowl, for example, will have cubes of raw fish sitting atop rice and covered in sauces and seasonings.

I like get one poke bowl. The Pidgin version of the word rodger, something you say when you are in agreement. What is the best product to shrink pores dat. Small, in size or in quantity. Scosh, scosh. Urine, or the act of urination.

Often a phrase what does ha mean in hawaiian with keiki. Slippers, flip-flops, sandals. Hold up, let me put on my leather slippahs. A term used to reference your childhood, or when you were younger. They just wen close down last week. Catching up, telling stories or gossiping with friends or acquaintances. Talking story is often much longer than a normal conversation, and a whole night can be spent doing it.

Hawaiian word for female, woman, wife or what does ha mean in hawaiian. Shop Online. Sep 9, Kevin Allen. Tags : Hawaiian phrasesHawaiian wordslocal culturepidgin. Trending Now Travel Safety. Best of Blog. Kaua'i Where To Eat. Where To Eat. Related Articles. Stacey Makiya .

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When I first stayed with his auntie and family in Kaneohe, Oahu, the first few months I started picking up the local Hawaiian slang words and phrases, aka Hawaiian Pidgin. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something after clicking one of these links, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It is a mix of English, Hawaiian, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese and Portuguese words that came about in the 19th century when migrants came from those respective countries to work the plantations in Hawaii. The following translations are what I have learned the words to mean based on my own observations being in Hawaii along with some help and examples from Ryan.

What does chang mean? This pidgin word means to be frugal or have a tight wallet, aka cheap. What does choke mean? In Hawaiian pidgin, choke means to have a lot of something. Choke, brah. Left da beach early. What does kapu mean? Kapu is the Hawaiian word for forbidden, not allowed, stay out. What is aku? Aku is the Hawaiian word for shipjack tuna, a local favorite in Hawaii. What does broke da mouth mean? This is one of my favorite pidgin phrases meaning something that tastes so good it hurts your mouth!

Broke da mouth. What is crack seed? Whenever we are in Hawaii we eat a lot of this and when we go home we bring a lot back as gifts! Examples: Japanese arare, li hing mango, candied ginger, dried cuttlefish, Hurricane popcorn. What are green bottles? When someone says green bottles in Hawaii they are referring to Heineken, a favorite beer in Hawaii. What does it mean to grind in Hawaii?

To grind means to eat in pidgin! And we do a lot of it in Hawaii! What does grindz mean? Similarly, grindz is Hawaiian slang for food and a term you will likely hear often! What is haupia? Haupia is a Hawaiian coconut milk-based dessert and popular flavor for desserts. What is an imu? It is often used to make kalua pig.

What does kanak attack mean? This pidgin phrase refers to how you feel when you eat too much and need to take a nap. What is li hing mui? Li hing mui originates from China and is salty dried plum. Li hing mui is very popular in Hawaii and the powder is used to flavor many snacks!

What is lilikoi? Lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit and is one of the most popular flavors in Hawaii. What is musubi?

Musubi is a Japanese word for rice ball wrapped in nori seaweed. In Hawaii, Spam musubi is a popular snack — try it! Want to make musubi at home? Buy a musubi maker and enjoy spam musubi at home anytime! We love ours. What does ono mean in Hawaiian? Ono means delicious! This is another very common word you will hear in Hawaii. What are pupus? Pupus is Hawaiian for appetizers! What is shoyu? What is tako? Tako is the Japanese word for octopus and is how you will hear it called in Hawaii, more often than the English word.

Gonna make some tako poke fo pupus lata. What does coconut wireless mean? What does ewa mean? Ewa is used on Oahu as a direction, meaning westwards, aka towards Ewa Beach.

You will also hear the word leeward used instead to mean the west side of the island. What does Hawaiian Time mean? Being on Hawaiian time means you are always late, could even be three hours late. You will notice things are more laid-back in Hawaii so everything moves a little more slowly. What is a lanai? Lanai is the Hawaiian word for porch or patio and almost every house in Hawaii has one.

When in Hawaii, I never hear locals say patio, I always hear them call it the lanai. What does the mainland mean? When locals refer to the mainland, they mean the continental states. What does makai mean? Makai is used in Hawaii to indicate direction towards the ocean.

What does mauka mean? What are slippahs? In Hawaii, slippahs are not just for indoors. They are not called flip flops or sandals, they are called slippahs! Example: Who went steal my slippahs? They stay right here. Now they stay gone. Older lady, older man. Example: Hey Aunty, you know my maddah and fuddah?

They owned the gas station in Hanapepe. Example: Hey, stop using your shirt and get one Kleenex for that hanabata! What does haole mean? Caucasian or White person. What does hapa mean? The term hapa is commonly used to describe a person who is part white, and part another race, usually Asian.

Thanks to a helpful reader who clarified this! Example: I think she Hapa. Her maddah is Tanaka and faddah is Williams. What does kahuna mean? In Hawaiian it means someone who is an expert in a profession. It is used to refer to someone who is respected and has authority. This Hawaiian word refers to someone born in Hawaii or has resided there for a long time. What does kotonk mean? This term refers to a mainland-born Japanese person, but nowadays can also refer to anyone of Asian descent from the mainland.

It is not widely used any longer and has a derogatory origin from World War II era conflict between Hawaii-born Japanese and mainland-born Japanese. What does being local mean in Hawaii? Only those with native Hawaiian ancestry can be called Hawaiian.

What does moke mean? What does ohana mean? Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family and is probably a word you are already familiar with as it is widely used. These two terms are so commonly used in local pidgin and refer to a young woman or man.

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