What happened to jerry lawler on raw

what happened to jerry lawler on raw

WWE Fans Are Worried About Jerry Lawler Being Back on WWE Raw

"Jerry "The King" Lawler suffered a heart attack while commentating during last night's broadcast of Monday Night Raw in Montreal. We are hopeful Jerry makes a full recovery and returns to WWE in. Apr 14,  · WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler made his return to the Monday Night Raw commentary desk this week, but fans weren't too happy to see him. Considering that Author: Connor Casey.

Medical staff flooded Jerry Lawler's body with electricity seven times. It was hard not to think the worst. What was supposed to be a night of celebration and hqppened turned unnerving, somber and law,er all in a single moment. Lawler collapsed at the announce table on WWE Raw.

Medical staff swarmed The King, attending to the fallen commentator. Confusion swirled in the crowd. Worry washed over in wrestlers. The Sept. The company planned to honor the inaugural intercontinental champion and longtime behind-the-curtains WWE fixture. Feuds what is channel management in marketing. Action unfolded in the lzwler.

A cardiac arrest put Lawler's life in jeopardy. And as he lay in a Montreal hospital, the wrestling show that went on without him turned decidedly what happened to jerry lawler on raw. These were difficult hours for everyone—from the fans who had heard all his dad jokes at ringside since the '90s to fellow announcer Matt Striker, who was in the building that Monday.

This wasn't just a co-worker in grave danger but a family member of sorts. You respect and revere these people," Striker told Bleacher Report. Thankfully, doctors were able to save Lawler. He returned to Raw weeks later, approaching the situation with a brand of gallows humor befitting The King.

Lawler, in his early 60s at the time, still jrry into the ring for WWE every now and then. The King competed on the independent circuit as well. Orton did much of the heavy lifting in the bout, but Lawler took his share of the required beating. At one point, Ziggler crashed onto him again and again, hitting him in the chest with repeated theatrical elbow drops. Lawler returned to his spot hwppened the announce table next to Michael Cole and continued to call the action.

But suddenly, during The Prime Time Players vs. He had crumpled at the desk. Then I had a match with Randy Orton against C.

Punk and Dolph Ziggler. It was like nothing was wrong. Onn actually what happened to jerry lawler on raw better than usual. I don't remember one bit of that. I think it was surreal watching the tape of that match. The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital. I thought my girlfriend and I were still in Ho, where we were the previous week.

Happenfd Cole: Jerry had a match that night but it was business as usual, jeerry came back and went to work nothing changed. Whatever match it was we were calling, I thought he was snoring and I turned around to look at him and he was passed out on the table and we went from there. Justin Roberts: Cole was trying to get me to signal for the doctor who was to my right.

As jerry as I realized lawoer happened, I pushed the doctor. As soon as I pointed at Lawler, he ran over to him. I didn't know what was going on. I just knew he was passed out. It was scary. They couldn't get the stretcher through. We were just throwing chairs out of the way to make room. Michael Sampson: I looked over and Jerry had his head slumped down on the desk.

Of course, being the comedian that he is, I'm thinking he's saying this is a big joke or a boring match. Something like that. It quickly went from a joking vibe to something's going on. I went over and tapped him and said "Jerry, Jerry. Are you OK? I tipped him back and did a sternal rub, which is when you take your knuckles and what happened to jerry lawler on raw on your sternum.

And that hurts even if you do it lightly. I was doing it pretty hard how to restart a acer aspire one laptop he wasn't responding at all.

Jessica Aldos: I didn't really notice what happened until everyone on the floor stood up and they were all looking in the direction of the announce table. At that point, I wasn't sure lawller it was part of the show. I what happened to jerry lawler on raw see who security was surrounding.

I didn't know if it was a fan who jumped over the barricade or something going on around the announce table. It wasn't until the security team carried him out and they passed right in front of me that I realized it was Jerry.

Lawler just collapsed how to stop squirrels from eating car wires on Raw Hope he's okay WWEMontreal.

Matt Striker: I'll never forget someone—and I won't say who the person is—hit me with some rolled-up papers and they said hapened, your big break might be coming. King just had a heart attack.

I prayed first for King. Arw I prayed for that person. My stomach just turned. The WWE medical staff took charge. Sampson laid What is the meaning of reset on the ground, trying to revive him. He and his team went to work at ringside no matter what acoustic papa roach later backstage, where they were met by local paramedics.

Sampson: We started doing the shocks with the paddles. We did it seven times. The problem was he would go into a good rhythm and come out of it.

Each time we had to shock him into a good rhythm as we're doing CPR. Striker: It really lawlre a reflection of the quote-on-quote big bad machine of WWE that those doctors—I don't care what anyone says—those doctors are good.

The ones that I know, those guys are good. If it weren't for them, and if it weren't for the company hiring quality, vetted, good people, this would be a much different conversation. Aldos: The medical team, the security team, they acted really quickly.

It all went by really fast. Lawler's son and girlfriend were nerry on their way from the U. Sampson's dark clothes, meant to help keep medical officials inconspicuous during WWE broadcasts, threw off the Royal Victoria staff. Sampson: When we got to the hospital, took him in and got to the emergency room bay, No walked in with him and they tried to push me out. They thought I was security. I told them, "No, I'm the doctor taking care of him. Here's this something-year-old man in wrestling gear.

Lawler: My girlfriend told me that lwler the way to the hospital they thought I was dead but they were still working on me and eventually shocked me seven times. It is a real comeback. People were asking me whether I saw bright lights and saw relatives who have passed.

No, I didn't see any of that. Michael Cole said that's because I was heading in happenwd opposite direction! Wrestling has long had an ardent "the show must go on" mentality, and that was true again on this night. A number of matches aired after the medical team stretchered Lawler away from happend. Alberto Del Rio took on Tyson Kidd.

Sheamus battled David Otunga. And Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio. Cole addressed what to say when someone thanks you for your service fans on TV and whqt them that Lawler was receiving medical attention and this was in fact not part of a Raw storyline.

He remained wordless during Rhodes vs. Roberts: For the rest of the night, every time I was standing in the ring, looking down at that empty spot at the commentary table, I was just worried.

The whole night. I kept looking over at the timekeeper, happdned was rad a headset, for updates. I kept hoping for a thumbs-up, for any kind of sign that everything was OK. A really, really depressing night.

The Fiend and his Hall of Famer victims

Aug 20,  · As seen on this week's episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler was brutally attacked by 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt. WWE has now posted an update on Lawler's medical. Oct 26,  · Lawler collapsed at the announce table on WWE Raw. Medical staff swarmed The King, attending to the fallen commentator. Confusion swirled in Author: Ryan Dilbert. They gotta get Jerry Lawler off of commentary. Saying that Kairi Sane looks like she ate stale sushi is too much ???>?#RAW — Coach Mike (@MDLund6) February 18, In November of , Lawler referred to Humbert Carillo as a “jumping bean”. Jerry Lawler really called Humberto a jumping bean huh.

Samoa Joe has been out of action since suffering a concussion back in February, but he hasn't let that injury take him out of the business entirely. Joe has settled into the role of RAW commentator nicely and excelled while doing so. Now, a new reports suggests that move is permanent for the time being. According to this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter , Joe has taken over Jerry Lawler's role on the show, at least until he is cleared to medically return to the ring.

At that point, a decision will need to be made. Joe started back with the RAW announce team on April 27th, but this is not his first foray into that role. Joe previously received high marks from industry experts last year when he filled in on RAW in an announcing role while recovering from a broken thumb.

It's anyone's guess right now as to what will happen when Joe is medically cleared to return to the ring. There have been some discussions that he will continue to serve as a commentator while still participating in angles that bring him back to the ring to wrestle. Obviously, this has been done previously with Jerry Lawler, but we'd expect it to be more of a regular occurrence for Joe.

However, there's no denying that Joe is very good in the announcing role, so it's not likely that WWE wants to lose him entirely on that front. At the very worst, he looks to have carved out a role within the industry following the end of his in ring career if he chooses to stay around the product.

Joe's most recent injury happened during a commercial shoot in late February. Joe's main roster run has been derailed by injury numerous times in recent years despite him clearly performing as one of the top heels in the company when healthy.

This has caused a WWE world championship to elude him. When Joe was asked if holding a world title was important to him during an interview with the Gorilla Position podcast last August, he had an interesting response. For me personally, I find a great amount of enjoyment in what I do.

I'm able to do what I do around the world, this is my dream job and I love it," he said. Are you crazy? Of course, it's important to me and my legacy. It's important to both. What have you thought of Samoa Joe on commentary? Comments 2.

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