What is kofi kingston theme song

what is kofi kingston theme song

Who sings the entrance theme for Kofi Kingstion?

Feb 20,  · Kofi Kingston Old WWE Theme Song - "S.O.S" Twitter: likeloveall.com?lang=esAuthor: Cristopher WWE. Oct 14,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Skip to main content. Kofi Kingston. Let me just start off by saying that I'm a very big fan of you and your album and the music that you're making, man.

Collie Buddz: Yo man, same respect. I've seen a couple of things on YouTube, but I haven't gotten the chance to watch it live. I love how you do your thing, for real. Kingston: I appreciate that, I appreciate that. In my opinion, it's the hottest song on the album, you know. Buddz: Yeah man, I appreciate that, for real. It's a joy to see you come out to the music too, man. It's crazy, man, for real. Yo, a lot of my friends are like, big, big, big wrestling fans, they appreciated seeing when, you know, enough respect for taking this song you know what I'm saying and stepping out to that there, for real.

Kingston: I appreciate that, man. Now tell me a little about your approach in recording the track. Buddz: Well, you know, the song that they sent me it was done by a mix artist from Queens. But you know, I got Black Chiney to look over the beat. Yeah, Supa Dups from Black Chiney redid the beat, and as soon as he did it, I just freestyled the verse and I just vibed.

Buddz: What! I hope it gives you energy when you enter the what is kofi kingston theme song, for real. Kingston: The fans definitely react. I have many comments on my MySpace, people asking me where to get the song, you know, who sings the song and where it comes from and everything. Buddz: For real, I get the same thing, people from everywhere write me on my MySpace and e-mail me "Yo, where can I find the tune?

Kingston: When we come back from the match we go out in the back and everybody got the song stuck in their head, its like "SOS, SOS" all day long, all night long. Buddz: Yeah, yeah, for real man, enough respect. It's doing a lot of things like touching down on a different fan base, you know?

Kingston: Also you came out with what is kofi kingston theme song self-titled, debut album, Collie Buddzwhich was fire.

I listened to it from the first song all the how to catch a mole in the yard to the last song, and it was very dynamic. It was the first thing I noticed, that it was very dynamic. You had your club bangers in there, you know, "Mamacita," "Wild Out" and the hard track, "Come Around. You gave a positive message -- "Tomorrow's Another Day" -- a personal message what channel is ellen on dish tv all the haters out there, you know.

Now as far as '08, what do you have in store? What do you have in the pot burning? Buddz: The success of the first album… We're over in Europe right now, we're doing the How to times a number by a fraction tour, but right now I'm working on a new album, which we has some production by Black Chiney again, who did "Tomorrow's Another Day" and "Blind To You. We're working with them closely.

But we just stared working on it, so that's the only two so far. We're just promoting right now -- it's the only thing right now -- it's just promoting, getting the name out there and linking up with you and the whole WWE team. It's been a great start to the what is kofi kingston theme song. Kingston: For sure, for sure.

Let me finish up by asking, do you have any messages that you want to, you know, tell the WWE fans or people listening to the song, you know every week on ECW. Do you have any message that you want them to know?

I know what elements are involved in nuclear fusion want to put your name out there, and they're definitely going to know at the end of the day when it's all said and done, but do you have any other messages for them?

Buddz: Yeah, man. Well, you know what I'm saying, Kofi, you're the best what is a basketball league now, you're the best. To the fans and the whole WWE team, and to you, thank you.

This is amazing for my career, you know, reaching out to a whole other spectrum of fans. The album's in stores right now and they can check me out on CollieBuddz. The new album will be in stores this summer. So you know, it's nothing but respect to the whole WWE team and you, especially. Just keep doing your thing, man, you know what I'm saying? Kingston: True, true, and thank you very much for taking the time for this interview.

I appreciate you making that song because the music is so important. Before you even step out there, the music is what sets the tone for you to come out, and for me to debut and what is kofi kingston theme song have a song that grabs people's attention right away was very helpful. Hopefully I'll be able to do some big things in my career and it all starts with the music.

I thank you, again. I really appreciate that. Buddz: Yo, nothing but respect, Kofi, man, and I wish you all the best, for real, success in your career and let's keep the link, man. Kingston: You believe it's a good fit then for Kofi Kingston. Kingston: It's a whole new avenue of fans, a whole new avenue of people.

Buddz: Yeah man, but I respect the ring for real. What's Trending on WWE. Sign in.

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Feb 18,  · Wwe Kofi Kingston Theme Song. Source(s): likeloveall.com 0 0. lashanda. BQ1 - Post-Grunge Rock BQ2 - Something about "Living for the Challenge, and Kicking @ss" BQ3 - YES, without a good Theme Song, you can have the Best Gimmick Ever, and still Suck. A lot of people like Certain Wrestlers just for their Theme Song. *EDIT. Apr 11,  · We go back to the stage and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E to do the intro for The New Day’s theme song. He introduces RAW Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston . WWE - SOS (Kofi Kingston) Lyrics. You know (you know) SOS I hear them shoutin SOS I hear them cryin You woke up in a badman place You no safe you could run for days You can't.

Asked by Wiki User. Kofi Kingstons finishers are S. S, Trouble in paradise and Double leg drop. No Sean kingstons brother is angus Kingston. C'mon let's get things started Sos. Trouble in paradise. Kofi's birthday is on August 14th. Albatross and stormy petrol on a stick. August 14, march 12th. Trouble In Paradise! It's a SICK move! It is Sean kingstons song. As of October ,He doesn't have one.

Stand in front of your opponent when you have enough momentum to use Kofi Kingston's finisher S. Collie Buddz - SOS. Just stand in front of your opponent when he's standing. You can try Wuzam. How should i know ask him u think i can do that. Shawn michaels doesnt need to be unlocked he should be on the game. During his feud with Randy Orton in late , his character became more important so WWE decided to drop his Jamaican accent. Ask Question.

See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Kofi Kingston's theme song is "S. S" by Collie Buddz. Related Questions. Kofi Kingstons finisher moves? Is kofi Sean kingstons brother and how? What are the lyrics to the kofi Kingston theme song?

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