What is the best car for a zombie apocalypse

what is the best car for a zombie apocalypse

12 Best Vehicles For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Oct 24,  · The Subaru Outback is a nice cross between a wagon and an SUV. It has inches of ground clearance, which is good enough for running over . Jul 10,  · The Jeep is big but not too big, and its off-road capability and toughness are assets to leverage when you'll be mowing down the undead and clambering around .

The streets are filling what is the best car for a zombie apocalypse with the undead; you need to get out of town safely and ls, possibly driving through, over, and around bodies and debris. What wheels do you choose? The challenges of fuel and supplies aside, these wild rides should all get you where you need to go if and when the zombie apocalypse finally comes to fruition.

Plowing through a heard of zombies in your Prius might not be a wise apocaljpse. For the true survivalist looking to get out of the city with minimal casualties, the military-inspired Knight XV by Conquest is probably your safest choice.

This fully-armored, bio-diesel-powered SUV tthe tough on the outside but offers comfort and convenience on the inside. Get your hands on a classic steel steed — something with ample horsepower to get you moving fast, and a throaty sound to shake those slack-jawed sleepwalkers out of their what type of magma does mt fuji have. While the standard model might not impress you with fancy bells and whistles, a van definitely has what it takes to keep you moving comfortably.

Plus, high-tech features like power folding windows and rearview cameras will make fof through the zombie masses much easier. The grill alone screams zombie plow. So when the end of the world comes, why not head down to your local luxury car dealer, handle the undead used car salesman with the required polite force, what is the best car for a zombie apocalypse hit 60 MPH in 3. Military Minded Plowing through a heard of zombies in your Prius might not be a wise choice.

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2020 Mercedes Sprinter

Best Cars for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Military Minded. Plowing through a heard of zombies in your Prius might not be a wise choice. For the true survivalist looking to get out of the city Fast and Loud. Family Truckster. Hard Core Luxury Zombie Apocalypse Cars. Compact and Practical.

We lost Kobe Bryant, General Motors killed its Holden brand , and most people are being told to work from home. In that order. Could this be the lick that kills old Dick? Hopefully we don't find out soon, but it would be wise to use this valuable time to prepare for the worst.

Some might even say, the inevitable. We'll save you the trouble from researching bulletproof cars or trucks good for zombie hunting. It's all here folks. Depending on what causes civilization's collapse, some choices will be more useful than others. Choose wisely. And good luck out there! Event: Alien Invasion Strategy: Ack, ack, ack, meet wee-woo-wee-woo. Howdy Partner. Aliens have attacked, and you've just been deputized. You'll need the help of bright spotlights and a sturdy bash-bar for an emergency getaway.

If Hollywood predicted it right, aliens are going to be tiny little fellas, but they're gonna be fast. The Ford Explorer marks another generation of the Ford tradition, and it also comes with a new special police model. One that uses a hybrid drivetrain to save fuel, and boost horsepower output. The three-row SUV has loads of room for supplies or friends you might rescue along the way.

The FPIU has been engineered to safely soak-up a mph rear-impact, just in case Aliens try to ack you from the back. The intergalactic bandits won't fight fairly, but the FPIU has you covered. Police Perimeter Alert uses the Explorers blind spot monitoring system to alert you when someone is sneaking around.

If an object is determined to be a threat, the windows will automatically roll up, the door locks will activate, and footage from the rear view camera appears on the infotainment display. That should give you ample time to escape, considering hybrid models have a combined power output of horsepower and a quicker zero-tomph time than any other police SUV, ever.

Look, you don't call something a " Gladiator " unless it has those sorts of ambitions. Consider the new Jeep pickup's standard equipment in Rubicon guise : Fox shocks, skid plates, beefy Dana 44 axles, locking front and rear differentials, and rock rails. The Jeep is big but not too big, and its off-road capability and toughness are assets to leverage when you'll be mowing down the undead and clambering around off the grid trying to evade spawning sites—um, we mean, former population centers.

You're probably asking, " But why choose the Gladiator pickup, when your stuff could be protected in the closed confines of the four-door Wrangler Unlimited?

That the Gladiator represents the "on the offensive" option, both in name and layout. It's ready to fight, and its open pickup bed and removable roof panels make for excellent sharpshooter perches from which to fend off bands of groaning zombies. Event: Cthulhu Awakens Strategy: Swim quickly, and carefully back to safety. We're not sure what Cthulhu looks like—yet. Legends tell of an enormous octopus with big armored scales and tentacles strong enough to lift cruise ships.

Whatever sleeping medication Cthulhu takes, it's working, because the beast hasn't revealed itself in over 15, million years. When that day comes, choose the Sherp. The hp ATV wears giant inch tires that can climb logs, rocks, ice, snow, but most impressively, travel on water at 3.

Okay, that's not very quick, considering your typical fishing boat has a top speed of 11 mph, but the Sherp doesn't stop when it hits the shore. Assuming Cthulhu can't fit a pair of Healys at the end of its bus-size tentacles, getting onto shore to escape seems like a good plan.

That is of course unless you believe it to have wings. The Sherp has 23 inches of clearance, but only a max speed of However, the planet would be full of debris and rough terrain if such an event occurred, so its 35 degrees of grade-ability could come in handy.

It's also capable of storing extra fuel within the wheels, expanding its maximum fuel capacity to 76 gallons. Crap, we almost forgot to mention Cthulhu might be immortal. Ugh, you just can't win!

Pre-apocalyptic sorts of tensions take a while to play out into full-on lockdowns, so you've had time to equip your black Chevrolet Suburban HD today available only to fleets, but you can get around that snafu, right? That means lights, antennae, tinted windows, and the like.

No uniformed police or military will dare second-guess you when you glide through checkpoints with a one-handed confident wave. You're above their pay grade, or at least appear to be, and so you're probably doing something important.

Bonus effort: Talk three of your friends into snapping up armored Suburbans of their own to create a convincing convoy. If it all goes wrong, the Delta Force says the Suburban can take a hit or two. Event: Enemy Invasion Strategy: Off the road and on the run. The Toyota Tacoma is a little long in the tooth, you say? Could be. You're going to need something you can pack up, pack in, and take off in without even an errant concern over its reliability.

The hardcore, off-road-ready TRD Pro version ensures you won't have a pang of unease over the Tacoma's capability, either. As a bonus, the TRD Pro model can be paired with a dependable six-speed manual transmission, which these days doubles as a better anti-theft system than the most state-of-the-art car alarm you can buy. Event: Civil War Strategy: When your fellow citizens war, get yourself something civil.

It's a shame Mercedes-Benz has yet to resurrect the towering G 4x4 Squared model in the redesigned G-class lineup. It'd be perfect for when the world goes to hell in a handbasket. Plus, a 4x4 Squared based on the new G-class sure would be sweet to show off to your soon-to-be-doomed fellow citizens. While you could always find one on the used market, new is always better; if that new-car smell is something you want to hang onto post-apocalypse, the regular G-wagen is worthy—if not quite as tall as the discontinued 4x4 Squared.

While everyone else dukes it out Mad Max—style for dwindling resources after a national meltdown of epic proportions, you're not ready to give up on those luxuries that make the difference between surviving, and surviving well. And if you conspicuously consumed before, why stop now that the world is burning? The G not only is a luxury box to rival the best, but it's an off-road billy goat and comes with a nice, high-mounted brush bar masking its front end from random, post-apocalyptic debris or mobs or zombies.

It's essentially an Ariel Atom that's been over-engineered to move quickly through practically any terrain. Focus on that, not the fact that the buggy has barely enough room inside for a backpack. What the Nomad does have is a supercharged Honda K24 engine pumping out horsepower, BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, an adjustable heavy-duty suspension, and a feathery pound weight.

Picture this: You live in a dense downtown area and learn warheads are inbound. Forget your suvival strategy, rations, close friends and relatives—your only option is to beat the masses clogging the roads out of town. And so, sidewalks, alleys, stairs, trails, bike paths, and aqueducts become your paths to safety beyond the blast radius.

The Nomad is the vehicle that will make it so in a hurry; trust us, we've practiced it. Typically when someone describes a car as being bulletproof they're speaking in terms of reliability. The underbody, cargo area, firewall, and door jams are all overlapped with high-strength armor plating that can take blasts of up to 15 kilograms of explosives from a distance of 13 feet.

Thanks to Post Blast Protective Technology , the windows don't completely shatter and remain firmly in place. Seeing through them however, well that's a different story. If the local forecast calls for cloudy with a chance of bullets, the several layers of protection offered in this X5 will keep you from drowning in lead.

Windows, door gaps, and even an optional reinforced roof to prevent drone attacks are all part of this shelter on wheels. The right pedal activates a hp 4. Run-flat tires and extra guarding around the gas tank are both in place to keep things moving. What if Amazon's A Handmaid's Tale actually happens? There is no better way to save the women and children from some horrific dystopian reality that enslaves and reassigns them than with a new four-door Unimog Crew Cab from Mercedes-Benz's "Defense" line.

You can build these rigs aimed at military service pretty much any way you want, but in this scenario we'd suggest upgrading to the armored troop carrier. It's assuredly better for when society is crumbling around you than the less-armored, cloth-sided troop carrier pictured here. Either way, there's room for everyone! Or at least you and your large family. Sure, this massive Benz is not cheap, but can you really put a price on the survival of your nation as you know it? With eight forward and six reverse gears, the ability to ford water up to 50 inches deep, and portal axles for insane ground clearance, the Unimog isn't likely to encounter a situation that stumps it, apocalypse or not.

Event: Civil Unrest Strategy: Head for the woods and hole up. Take the family on a fun overlanding trip today, and be super-prepared for an uncertain tomorrow. If you are anything like us, you wisely opted for the inch "Amp" Sprinter dualie model, with watts of solar array up top, a queen-size bed, shower, rainwater collection, and induction cooktop. With factory all-wheel drive, a suspension lift kit, and some serious off-road rubber, you and your family are headed for the hills to sit this one out for as long as it takes for those riots to die down in the city.

Put the kybosh on civil disobedience and you could be running a town or greaseball militia before you know it, and stability and protection is powerful social currency in post-apocalyptic times. So, why not pacify the masses on your way to your new station by using the psi water cannons mounted atop Inkas' very aptly named Riot Control Vehicle will pretty much tone down any anxious crowd you could imagine.

If the hordes get too fighty, don't worry: The Riot Control Vehicle can withstand multiple high-velocity rounds as well as shrapnel from explosions. If the blaze keeps burning, no worries there either—the RCV has a fire suppression system that protects the perimeter of the vehicle.

And, yes, that is essentially a giant shovel mounted to the front. Your getaways or breaches should be pretty easy, no matter what's in your way. Even if you can get out of range for a few days, or even weeks, there is no beating a force of nature like this.

Earth is done with us and is hitting "reset," and only the germs will survive. It's against this bleak, hopeless backdrop that we suggest the Rolls.

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